Wisconsin Unions Go to Governor and Senate Leaders Homes – Fill the Capitol – Video

New Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker has proposed a bill to eliminate most union collective bargaining

Scott Walker

rights along with pay cuts, and requirements to pay more of their own health insurance. Some 10,000 protesters are said to be inside the state capitol building today. Both Walker and Senate majority leader, Republican Scott Fitzgerald had angry protesters at their homes earlier this week. The street leading to the Governor’s home was eventually closed.

UPDATE: See a much different video showing signs with Scott Walker’s face covered by crosshairs, lot of “dictator” signs, Hitler, Mussolini and the state Democrat senator leader comparing Walker to Hitler.

Events in Wisconsin this week, though, are a sign of something new: No more apologies, no half-measures. Given the dire straits of budgets around the country, other state leaders may take similarly drastic steps with state workers, pensions and unions.

Labor leaders in the heavily unionized state of Wisconsin say if the state is successful in dampening collective bargaining rights there, it will spread to other Republican states quickly. SHAWSBLOG has the details of the Governor’s bill.

Wisconsin Union Protests (video)

  • And those fools were comparing themselves to the Egyptians. Huge difference, the Egyptians want the ability to EARN, the union THUGS want to continue to suck the government tit. Time to wean these useless malcontents and let them see what it is really like to have to EARN something.

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  • Mark DeMonbrun


    Let “them” see what it’s like to actually earn something????….No, it is you that might want to actually earn something. Like the right to make a living wage in a safe and secure enviroment. As a 3rd generation union member, I and my family have fought for these rights for over a hundred and twenty years. We have seen our friends DIE to achieve these things. We have lost untold amounts of money by participating in strikes to secure this simple right for you. And you talk about earning something. ROFLMSAO

    Do you have ANY idea what your work day would be like without the efforts of organized labor? You want to go back to the days of sweatshop labor? I don’t. My family lived it!!!! And fought against it. And will continue to fight for our (and your) rights to make a resonable wage in a safe and secure workplace.

    And guess what? You can fight us all the way and still enjoy the benefits of our efforts without doing anything to earn them. Get a clue.

  • @Mark DeMonbrun, There is so much I can say here. I’ll let it lie by mentioning the worst abuse of unions and that is our public Education system. Shame on every union educator who has NOT PROTESTED what Unions have done to our children.

  • Mark DeMonbrun

    Maggie……..I won’t argue that there are not abusive and just about every other negative adjective type folks in unions. Abusive types are abusive types, and they’re everywhere. Union membership should *never* be used as an excuse to not do the very best job a person can. If ya don’t make money for the company, the company can’t make money for you.

    And, I agree with your “shame on you” statement to a point. However, I would change it to: Shame on every union educator who has NOT PROTESTED what *those in their union who are not holding up their end of the bargain* have done to our children. And I will also say: Shame on the membership for not weeding out the slugs among them.

    Thing is Maggie, you (hopefully) and I both know this fiasco has nothing at all to do with the budget. This has to do with breaking the public employee union, and eventually eliminating unionism in total throughout our country. The four largest political contributors are now biz groups that contribute primarily to the Republican Party. And while bake sales might work to get Democratic folks elected locally, without money from union members (a whole 6.9% of the workforce) there is a very good chance that the entire Democratic Party will fail. And I for one DO NOT want to see a one-party system controlled by the highest bidder. Do you?