Wisconsin Restaurant Lies/Hoax? Scott Walker Not Booted From Restaurant

Big news yesterday broke that a Madison, Wisconsin restaurant has booted Republican Governor Scott Walker from their facility, and posted about it on their website. A Wisconsin blogger called The Merchant restaurant  to confirm they had actually “booted” the Governor from their facility. Listen as Badger Blogger calls Merchant and tapes the audio. After numerous ‘no comments,’ the restaurant staff thinks they have hung-up the phone, but didn’t really, and the tape continues to roll. The blogger also confirmed with Governor Walker’s staff that the Governor has never been to The Merchant Restaurant. Read the background at Badger Blogger. American Power Blog has some excellent commentary on this story, more at Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion on the hoax, and Memorandum links here (thank you!), and  to several others talking about Walker.

The Merchant Restaurant on Booting Governor Scott Walker (video)


  • Why Maggie, you don’t mean to tell me that the folk on the left lie do you? Why I’m shocked, Maggie, just shocked!

  • Hi GM, yes they lie and they cheat at golf, too!

  • Hi there Maggie. While I do appreciate that everyone in the world of the web needs to have their take on things, I wanted to let you know that if you’d like to ask ME where the story came from, etc. I’d be happy to speak with you. Hope you’re having a great day. 🙂

  • jw

    I am a democrat thank you and I don’t believe he was there. In today’s day and age with cell phones and technology someone would have gotten a picture, video and there would be patrons that came forward and I’m sure the news would have been interviewing the patron and the owner on the news. Never happened. Sorry, but this was a prank that was played on the citizens of Madison. Until someone comes forward, I’m not believing it happened at all. It’s been nearly a month and no able bodied person has come forward with any evidence other than what the restaurant said that started from a blog called Mind Stain and the blog post was removed very quickly after it was posted. It appears to be a joke gone wrong. The facts remain, no evidence.