Wisconsin Protesters Pile Junk and Stick “Things” on Veteran’s Memorial: Bill Ayers in Madison?

Take a look this video – where Liberal protesters stick “things” all over a Veteran’s War Memorial in Madison, Wisconsin. Ann Althouse and Meade are there. One of those interviewed says she makes “Memorials” for a living.

Madison, Wisconsin Capitol Building

One of the men involved in the protest says “we need to be somewhere.” Althouse asks, do you know where the people this memorial represents are now?

Clueless, clueless people out supporting their elected, lawless representatives who have brought their government to a halt by sitting out controversial legislation somewhere across state lines.

Watch a second video at Althouse. “Harriet’ is interviewed. She has been on the Capitol premises since the protests began. She apparently doesn’t need to attend her university classes. A woman introduces herself to a crowd inside the Capitol building, and speaks to them about “the genocide of the middle class.” The Teamsters brought in “brats,” (as in wurst). There are claims that people in Haiti and Egypt donated food to the anti-government protesters. The Madison Capitol building will probably never be the same! The Left is yearning for another ’60’s-70’s. In fact, Weather Undergrounder Billy Ayers may have made an appearance in Madison.

Anti-Democracy Protesters Pile Junk and Stick “Things” on Veterans War Memorial in Madison, Wisconsin (video)

Karen at The Lonely Conservative linked, and has more details.

Memorandum linked – thank you! and has a thread underway.

On the BorderLine linked – thank you!


  • Ungrateful pigs- these people need a couple years in a Soviet gulag to perhaps understand what our brave service men and women were protecting them -and all American ancestors of theirs- from

    Some of these Leftists think it’s so cool to disrespect those who delivered a free, prosperous America to their lives… just rebellion against anything meaningful or traditional for many of these freaks… what kind of values system is that

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  • Meade

    “In fact, Weather Undergrounder Billy Ayers may have made an appearance in Madison.”

    Wait a minute. I know Madison. Madison is where I live. Half the people in Madison look like Bill Ayers!

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  • Nina Berkani

    Are you guys on drugs? What did you smoke in the 60’s? We are only protecting our Democratic rights of free speech. We are teachers, police officers, fire fighers, professors, students and parents who love our State and our Capitol Building. How are you going to react when they come after your jobs?

    • Nina Berkani, In the 60’s? What are you smoking to live your illusions? WE THE PEOPLE are protecting your right to act out like two year olds. How do you think it’s right that the working people of this country to contribute to your benefits, your sick leave, your pension?

      You have been allowed to trash the Madison Capitol and stop “Democratic rights” in their tracks by applauding the fleebaggers. Shameful!

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  • Nina

    I believe we all need to take care of each other. That is our human and spiritual obligation. As workers, as WE THE PEOPLE, as Americans we all have freedom of speech rights and they need to be protected. By the way, as a public employee, I also pay taxes and therefore help pay for my own benefits, sick leave, pension and salary. Do you? I hope that all working people get fair wages and benefits. We all deserve it. I’ll be happy to support that for private employees.

    For the record, I don’t smoke anything, but love coffee.