Wisconsin Police Hunt Democrat Lawmakers: Democrats Don’t Show Up for Collective Bargaining Vote

Not a single Democrat showed up to vote on Wisconsin’s bill to clamp down on collective bargaining and

Wisconsin Capitol Building

various reforms to try to get the state’s financial woes under control. Listening to Fox News’ Trace Gallagher on Megyn Kelly this minute, he says it is believed the Democrat legislators are outside the capital and in the crowds. According to state law, 20 votes are needed to hold a vote – that means 1 Democrat must be present. There are 14 missing Democrats.

The big question: what happens when police locate a Democrat? Jeff Fitzgeral, the Republican Assembly Leader says a “Call of the House” went out, requiring members to show for a vote. He says police “will” get the Democrats back to the Senate, and when that happens the Senate doors will be locked.

Way to represent constituents, huh? Doing the job the people hired you for, huh?

Memorandum has a thread going about the lack of respect for the Wisconsin State Capitol grounds.