Wisconsin: Doctors Sign Fake Notes to Excuse Workers

Way to go! Teachers and physicians set the example: cheat when you can, cheat every time you can. Doctors are signing notes to excuse  people from working that day, or for days…but standing around at the rally is okey-dokey. In the second video below, you’ll hear a doctor tell one of the protesters that being with other people, with the crowds, is healthy. Listen as the guy in the first video speaks about the “privacy” he is due for his “medical consulting,” – in the middle of the town square! Arrogant. Arrogant.

Git 'cher sick not here!

Pirate’s Cove has the story of how the teachers and the doctors were “Breitbarted,” meaning outed, if you are not familiar with Andrew Breitbart:

Because it is illegal for teachers to strike, they called in sick and have been told they will have to produce a valid doctors excuse in order to be excused for their absences.

And don’t ya know Leftist blogs are squirming, and trying to say the story, as reported by Breitbart, is fake. Read it all at Pirate’s Cove, from whom I borrowed the photos.

Doctors Signing Fake Sick Notes

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjFbMDp5Pg8′]

Doctors Sign Fake Sick Excuse Notes for Workers (video)

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  • Check out each doctor’s note. If one is fake, fire the person for fraud. Bring the doctors who do this up on charges, strip their licenses, and jail them for fraud. Make this a very expensive game to play.

  • findalis, I had to laugh when one of the doctors said the “patient” was stressed and needed to in the company of crowds. Bizarre and shameful.

  • All the teachers should be fired… and the Doctors that participated in handing out these bogus notes should be fined or have their licences reviewed.