Wisconsin: Democrats Tell People Walker Will Stop Chemotherapy – Will Kill Them

In this video you can hear a woman say that Wisconsin state Senator Jauch told her the people of Wisconsin will lose their “healthcare assistance” if the Governor’s Budget Repair bill passes. Chemotherapy treatments will be cut-off. “They are going to kill me silently,” says one woman.  See a second video at RightWingNews with the woman agonizing over Republicans killing her “silently.”

Wisconsin Democrat State Senators

In Wisconsin, People Think Governor Walker Will Kill Them (video)

Video Courtesy of McIver Institute

  • What bull… I’m so tired of the Democrat tactics.. I remember the retired folks across my street telling me how the Republicans will kill them… Well now it’s just the wife.. and she’s lost most of her savings and investments.. due to Obama.. I’m sure if I asked her, hope and change ain’t working so well with her..

  • They keep showing how low they’ll stoop. Good grief.