Was Lara Logan Raped or Not?

Okay. Watch your language. This isn’t about Lara, it’s about the press, and specifically CBS. There is a new story in the Daily Mail, and once again, the “rape” word isn’t used. Apparently “bite marks” on “sensitive parts of her body,” were not bite marks, they were “pinches.” She was stripped according to the story. No other details.  Logan was “whipped and beaten.” Her guards were also badly beaten. One has a broken hand.

Lara Logan

Now here’s the thing: the first reports were of a “sustained sexual attack.” That was it. There was no other explanation. In the early hours everyone parroted the “sustained sexual attack.” Gradually the “r” word crept into reporting, with no verification to back it up.

Reporting left the assumption that the “sustained sexual attack” had to be rape, and the word wasn’t used to protect her privacy – which would not have been done for you or for me.

Several questions loom: was the rape-word not used to protect Ms. Logan, was the rape-word not used to protect the “freedom fighters,” or protect Mubarak’s minions, was she raped in some fashion, or not?

Ms. Logan has a long history of working in Islamic countries. She  was in a dangerous place where Muslim women are raped routinely. She was doing her job, in a country where women have no equality of humanity, or anything else. Whatever happened to her was violent and terrible. I hope there was no rape. No woman should be raped, and no major news outlets should use words like “sustained sexual assault” without clarification. Asking God’s blessings for Logan, for the women who eventually stopped the assault, and for her crew.  My original reporting is here. The Daily Mail. Memorandum linked and  has a thread underway about Lara Logan’s attack. Look for the topic: Stripped, punched and whipped with flag poles. Full horror of Logan’s attack emerges. Then read Patterico Pontifications for more on how the media has handled this story…or not.

  • Maggie … I agree. The real story is how the news media mishandled this attack. But this should be a warning to all other women … stay away from these demonic inspired countries. I know she was just making a living, but as a mother with kids still at home (I assume) well … stay home where it is safe. They could have lost their mother.

    And thank you Maggie for handling this story as you have … with care and kindness.

    • Thank you Carl, I appreciate the kind words. This is a difficult story.

  • thanks for the link and needless to say i agree. they need to just tell us what happened already.

  • Hi Aaron, I read the first commenter on your post. Cracked me up! I still contend had it been a lesser profile American women we would have heard it all, or the “assaulters” would have been totally protected. By using the inflammatory words “sustained sexual assault” they were definitely playing a game of some sort.

  • The poor woman was definitely raped and brutally so.


    But of course, the horrible details kind of spoil the Dinosaur media’s narrative about ‘peaceful,pro-Democracy protesters’.

    There’s a reason CBS spirited her out of the country without even getting her medical treatment or making a police report. She could very well have been arrested again, as an ‘adultress’ under sharia since she is married and her word as a woman and an infidel counts for nothing.

    It’s happened to other western women who have been raped in Arab countries.

    Not all cultures are created equal, and some are better off not imported to our own societies in the name of ‘multiculturalism’.It’s about time we realized that.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for the link to JoshuaPundit. I still don’t see anything saying she was raped. I see terrible things, but I think he is using the same news piece I used.

      Good point about getting her out of the country. These people are barbarians. Where are you finding the report of an actual rape (or as Whoopie would say a “rape-rape”)?

      • At the bottom of my article, there is a link to Whizbang giving an account of what was done to her. It is definitely NSFW.

  • Ran

    Where is Logan now, and is she safe?

  • Jure Zajec

    I dont know what happened at all.
    It smells fishy that CBS themselves didnt publish about this or any real news site.
    Not to mention according to the numerous sources she was also saved by other Egyptians.

    And to people who act like Arabs are raping people well:
    I think there are much more uneducated , violent, sadistic and primitive american

    men than muslims

    600,000 american women get raped every year by this honorable american men and three

    women get killed daily.

    Not to mention the hundreds of thousands sexual insulted and abused
    women and children.

    Also comparing Egypt with Iran or Iraq just shows the ignorance of some people because not only they compared different cultures but also different continents.

  • If you get raped in Saudi Arabia, for instance, as a non-Muslim you cannot even testify on your own behalf. And even if you are a Muslim, you would need two Muslim males or four Muslim women to be willing to give evidence that you had been raped.

    In Jordan, for example, many brutal honor killings have been punished by as little as a three month sentence under Jordanian Public Law 340. Moreover, in the context of Islamic society such murderers are often celebrated and held up as role models. Just as homicide bombers and terrorists who kill infidel civilians often are.


    Saudi Arabia was also the place where the Muwahateen ( religious police) let a bunch of schoolgirls burn to death when they refused to let them out of the gates when their school was on fire because they were insufficiently covered.

    This attitude is characteristic of much of Islamic society, not just in the Middle East. In the UK for instance, sharia courts are mandatory fro Muslims in domestic affairs and have the same standing as British secular courtooms in those matters. They recently ruled that there was no such thing as rape within marriage, something English common Law and US law have long classified as a crime.


    Aside form that, I question your figures…600,000 rapes a year in the US?

    I suggest you take a trip to Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, or Iran and see how you get treated if you try behaving with anything like the freedom you enjoy in Western society.

  • maria williams

    It all sounds very strange to me.Was she really raped?Why has it not made headline news around the world?Logan has a reputation of flaunting her self in tight jeans and very low cut tops.Was she wearing this kind of clothing in Egypt?Even if we in the west do not agree with the way Muslim men treat their women,it is their country.She was in their country and knew the risks.If she was raped she cannot cry “Poor me”.She knows what these countries are like.I do not condone rape at all,but I feel we are not hearing the full,true story

  • Jim

    How can you be subjected to a sustained and brutal sexual assault if what happened was that you were beaten by flagpoles, pinched, and stripped? Just because your clothes were removed does not make it sexual. Something’s definitely amiss here.

    • Jim, there is a lot more information available now, and it appears the sexual assault was by the men’s hands in particularly brutal ways. I took exception to the way this story was first reported, and still do, but we know now there was a “sexual assault.”

    • Jim, you can see Logan’s interview with 60 Minutes here, if you haven’t seen it already:

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