U.S. Female Veterans Claim Rape, Physical Abuse and an Uncaring Pentagon

A female Army Reservists, a female Marine and more than dozen women in total say they were raped and physically abused while serving in the U.S. Military. Legal action is underway against the Pentagon. One of the women was the only female member of a bomb squad team in Afghanistan. See that video below.

Kori Cloca - Victim of Military Rape

I don’t blame the women, but I do blame the law/rules that allow women in these positions within our military.

It’s okay.

Hate me.

Curse me.

I don’t care.

Women don’t belong there.

Don’t even try to argue that women deserve to protect their country. No. There are other ways to do that than on the battlefield. There are also other ways the government (God help us) can provide women with college degrees. There are other ways to serve.

We DO NOT NEED THIS IN WAR ZONES, where the focus needs to be sharp…kill the enemy…kill the enemy…kill the enemy, not “I can’t wait to rape Sally behind the tent.”

One woman blames her weight gain on the behavior of the men around her after being attacked. Just my opinion, but get all women, but doctors and nurses out of battle.

To be clear, I do not assume the women are lying – at all. I just think this gender- closeness in battle is like oil and water. I certainly do suggest we tolerate the behavior of the Pentagon, and these women’s military superiors, if it is true. That’s appalling. Now we can sit back and let everyone get hauled into court, and none of it should have happened, because the opportunity shouldn’t have been there.

From Keeping an Eye on Afghanistan on DADT and women serving in battlefield positions:

That result along with others demonstrated that those troops who are in the most stressful jobs at the pointy end of the spear which does what armies do, kill people don’t want this repeal. They know (as does this blogger) that this repeal will cause issues in those front-line units which are full of stress and danger. In fact I have already heard from several in the Infantry that they are thinking about getting out after their current enlistment expires. That was all before the panel came out suggesting that women should serve in frontline combat units, to include special operation units.

That suggestion is a pure joke and could single-handily crush the effectiveness and abilities of our most experienced combat forces. These are forces that have been trained, honed, and shaped in the rigors of close combat over the last 10 years. That is a lot of experience to lose due to a “brain-drain” caused by soldiers getting out. I know to some, they may think that “hey if you can’t change then get out” but that statement has much more of an impact that someone may realize.

Here is the bottom line, women do many great jobs in the military and by virtue of those jobs they get promoted, get accolades, etc. all the time. I mean we have a female Four-Star General in charge of Army Material Command for goodness sake. So don’t tell me they can’t get promoted. Women do not belong in those types of units, flat out.

Read the entire rape story here.

Women in Military Raped and Abused (video)