Tiger Woods Spits – Twice – Gets Fined at EU Open

Tiger Woods

America’s nastiest once-greatest-golfer, Tiger Woods, spit on the lush golf course while participating in the Dictatorship of Dubai Desert Classic. Something gentlemen golfers should never do. He did it twice. The cameras caught it on No. 2 in the second round, and on No. 12 in the final round. Woods finished in 20th place. Payback’s hell.

“The tour’s code of conduct states that when a player becomes a member, he “voluntarily submits himself to standards of behavior and ethical conduct beyond those required of ordinary and members of the public.” Source

Both incidents happened after the brat made a bad shot. He routinely does the same in the U.S. and it is ignored. He also routinely throws a club when he shows the world he isn’t the golfer he used to be. Of course, he isn’t the man he used to be either, or that we thought he was.

  • Gah! He knows better than that and willfully showed that he has is a cretin.

  • What a slob- it’s those trash women he hangs out with, bad influence lol

    • RR, I think we know now the women were hanging with trash.

  • This is what happens when you don’t teach your children manners and respect for others.

    He is a spoiled brat discovering that the world doesn’t like or approve of his antics.