The Melding of Presidential and Union Power

Today a video surfaced of Richard Trumka, the head of AFL-CIO, an 11-million-strong labor Union, saying on camera that he physically visits the White House about three times a week, speaks by phone to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue every day – that’s EVERY DAY. See that video below. How much thought have you given to the melding of presidential and union power?

Barack Obama and Richard Trumka

Adolph Hitler could have never made it to the Chancellorship if not for his Brown Shirts, who were no more than a union of thugs, terrorizing the streets of Germany, breaking up political opposition gatherings and in the end sweeping Hitler to the second highest position in Germany. Hitler’s NAZI Party was banned in Germany, but with Hitler’s extraordinary oratory skills, and his Brown Shirts, first recruited when Hitler was in a German prison, the Party prevailed through manipulation and violence – and history is what it is today.

Barack Obama could have never made it to the White House without the support of Unions – without Union donors, without their thuggish tactics which included main stream media co-operation, and the DNC. I know, you’ve blamed Independents…right?

Hitler’s Brown Shirts were led by Ernst Rohm, a personal friend of Adolph Hitler. Rohm was an extremely powerful man, backed by 3 million Brown Shirts – all focused on Adolph Hitler. On the  death of German President Hindenburg, Chancellor Hitler and his Brown Shirts melded the two positions into one, abolished all other political parties and all opposition of any kind. Possible only because of his friend Ernst Rohm.

The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) has close to 2 million members. They wear purple shirts and are known as the Purple Army. Barack Obama is their man. The former president of SEIU, Andy Stern, is a close friend of Barack Obama, visits the Obama’s in their Chicago home, and in the first year or so of the Obama presidency, Stern was the most frequent visitor to the White House, according to visitor logs. More frequent than Richard Trumka? Is that possible?  Stern stepped down from the position in September 2010 after news broke that he was the focus of an FBI corruption probe.

But Stern isn’t the only SEIU FBI interest – there are between 9 and 20 others named, and perhaps the word “corruption” stretches from inappropriate financial management to SEIU support for Hamas and FARC. Last month we learned those subpoenaed said they would not appear before a federal grand jury.

Andy Stern was directly tied (they shared the same address for two offices) to the ACORN scandals, with we taxpayers funneling millions to them. Warner Todd Huston explains how that worked. How much cozy-ness between the White House and these labor unions can we stomach? How much risk are we willing to accept?

Today a Massachusetts Democrat state Congressman, Mike Capuano, spoke at a Boston Rally and told the crowd, “Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

From Stacy at The Other McCain (visit to read head exploding stats):

Head-busting union goons — like the SEIU thugs who recently roughed up a Tea Party supporter in Denver — are surely grateful to know they have Capuano’s enthusiastic support. Because of the decline of union membership, most young people today know little of the coercion, intimidation and outright terrorism by which Big Labor has always operated, and it still goes on to this day.

As Karen Kerrigan noted in a 2002 article, “According to the National Institute of Labor Relations Research, there have been over 9,000 reported acts of union violence since 1975. These incidents have included intimidation, sexual and racial harassment, physical violence, vandalism and even death.”

Big Labor likes nothing better than having its Democrat buddies in charge, so they can use the force of government to extract money from the pockets of the unwilling

From the National and Legal Policy Center, September 2010:

Barack Obama, like any Democratic president, has serious IOUs to labor unions. And AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, more than any other labor leader, is one ally he can’t afford to alienate. About the last thing Obama wants, especially as his party faces heavy losses in congressional elections this November, is the subject of Trumka’s lengthy track record of aggression and corruption to come up.

No, Trumka’s record of  “aggression and corruption” was not impressed on the minds of the voters by our aggressive and corrupt media.

At one time the SEIU was a part of the AFL-CIO, until they separated in 2005. There is talk that the SEIU is looking to rejoin the AFL-CIO. Perhaps election day is the motivator.

Andy Stern

McCain’s point that our children know nothing of the massive power behind organized labor is one to soberly ponder. Have you considered the position of the Richard Trumkas and Andy Sterns? Think of the blackmail and potential threats that must always stand between a president like Barack Obama and these mammoth unions. Do you think Obama calls the shots?

Hitler’s good friend Ernst Rohm, the leader of the Brown Shirts, became just a tad too influential, far too powerful, and so Hitler ordered his execution.

I’m not positing that Obama might have one of his Union friendlies terminated (more likely the other way around), but I am saying the power of these organizations and their influence on our presidency should be of great concern to each of us. Never before has organized labor had the foothold in our Legislative and Executive branches that it enjoys today. History shows that in more than one country, the melding of presidential power with union power is a fearsome thing.

Take this power to the state level, because the Democrat/Union marriage is bedded there, and understand what is at stake today in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and…and…with no end in sight. The Lonely Conservative has a video of SEIU thuggery caught on camera. Also more at Right Wing News: A Study in Contrasts: Results of Idiotic choice of Words. Memorandum (linked – Thank You) has a huge thread going on Capuano. Read it here.

Linked by Reaganite Republican Resistance – Thanks James!

Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO (video)

  • Thanks for the link. I was going to blog more, but I need sleep. This is all so disheartening. Hopefully we can spread the message enough to do something about it.

  • Every day? That is horrid. It bothers me to no end that there seems to be nothing we can do to make Obama behave presidential. Or to act in America’s best interest.

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  • Trumka is the perfect bent nose thug you think of when you think of a thug… Another reason to cripple Unions. I remember when Unions tried to move into the printing business I worked for back in the 70s in Salt Lake. We didn’t let them in but the pressure was immense. We need to destroy the government Unions. Not the private Unions. It still should be a choice there, but Government and Government Unions are dangerous and to my way of thinking, criminal.

  • Very enlightening Maggie, and linked @ RR:

    Stop the Hate!

    Hey libs… I thought you wanted that

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  • Remember Obama’s words:He spoke of forming a a “civilian national security force” that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the half-trillion dollar United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force

    Obama confirmed the U.S. “cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.”

    Union Thugs fit right in Maggie with his plans as well as his Black Panther buddies. He knows that he can not depend on the US Military to back him so he continues to try to destroy it. What’s his timetable?

  • Excellent research & writing, Maggie, well done. It is truly terrifying what the left is doing and I honestly don’t think that if they get their way that it will end any better than it did in Germany – and there is no big strong country remaining dedicated to freedom to rescue the people the way the US used to do.

  • The Wall Street Journal today has exactly the same image of Obama and Trumka; but most importantly, it points out that in spite of Obama’s claiming “human rights’ of workers to collective bargaining, his own federal workers are denied it. He wants states to provide the giveaways that his own workforce does not get.
    This is another example of “obfuscation, half-truths, and irrationality” that plague his budget proposal that we discussed in our last piece.

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