The Lonely Conservative at CPAC with Greg Gutfeld

Well, she’s really with Mr. LC who snapped this photo of Karen (Mrs. LC) with late night conservative funny man, Greg Gutfeld – the only conservative, late night funny man with his own program on television. Now Mrs. LC has a priceless photo and you won’t find it on Ebay anytime soon. Nice shade of pink, Greg.

Greg Gutfeld and Karen, The Lonely Conservative

Run over and read her post about her CPAC arrival today, the Paulistas and Mitt Romney (be sure to follow the two links in the Romney report).

  • Yes … Greg is unique isn’t he? I see pink works for him, but what’s on it? Oh well, that’s why I wear plain.

    • Carl, Looks like a visitor.. from outer space… lol LOve his show.. just on so late. Congrats Karen.. Wish I could have been there..

  • Thanks for the links, Maggie. He’s nice, so is his sidekick, Bill. I was thinking it was a ghost on his shirt. We also go pix with Fox News guys Griff Jenkins and Jesse Waters. They were quite fun to talk to. I’ll post those later.