Sunday Faith Blog on Tuesday 2-8-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook

Between the Egyptian uprisings and Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, I was blogged out yesterday, but it is never too late to share news and fews about “faith.” Keeping it very short, but hopefully powerful.

Each week I have posted something from a wonderful blog, GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus. This week the discussion centers around 1st John 5:14, and answered prayer…or not. Deciding what to ask God for, how to ask it and when to ask it is a problem for most of us, is my guess. But when we are deeply troubled, and have a great need, and that need is not answered, do we really believe that God “hears us.” I hope you will visit GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus, and perhaps this quote will nudge you to read more:

“It is better that an idle man should not have a harvest, even though he should pray for it, than that God should violate the laws by which he has determined to bestow such favors as a reward of industry, rather than work a special miracle in answer to a lazy man’s prayers.”

My Facebook friend Mary Dobson McMasters posted this beautiful, beautiful video of a new Amy Grant song. The lyrics are on the screen in first video. The second tells a “story.” Here are just a few of the lyrics. –

God loves a lullaby in a mother’s tears in the dead of night

Better than a hallelujah sometimes

God loves a drunkard’s cry, the soldiers plea not to let him die

Better than a hallelujah sometimes

We pour out our miseries, God just hears a melody

Beautiful the mess we are,

The honest cries of breaking hearts…

are better than a hallelujah

[yframe url=’’]
Amy Grant – Better Than a Hallelujah (video)

[yframe url=’′]
Amy Grant – Better Than a Lullaby Music Video

  • Hi Maggie …

    Wow! Your kind words brought tears to my eyes my dear sister in the Lord. I am humbled to be even a small part of your ministry to the world.

    Each time you leave a comment on my little blog it adds good insight and thought to what I’m trying to say. Thank you. I can tell you are well grounded in the Word.

    I feel like I’m just a little candle flickering in the darkness. Your light through the size of your blogs readership shines well beyond mine … so continue blessing the world through your writing.

    Why do we pray when we know that the answer in the past sometimes hasn’t been what we wanted? We continue to pray because God said to pray … and we leave the result up to Him.

    Thank you for partnering with me in my effort to teach about Jesus. Because you give the link to my blog, I know many more people will hear about our Lord.

    Blessings to you with a smile …

    • Carl, you leave the loveliest comments. One thing I love about your writing and how you address your subject, is that you pare it down, using the original language at times – much like the Precept studies. As an aside, Precept does not want commentaries to be used. As you do, I find them very valuable.

      Yes, we are both just little flickering flames out here, but I do hope you get some traffic from my posts. I’m sending blessings right back to you.

  • Maggie, I’m speechless. You took a beautiful song I happened to share and incorporated it into a masterful blog post. (Maybe not totally speechless, but as close as I get). Thank you.

    • Mary, it is indeed a beautiful song. The first line nearly sent me to my knees. I’m so glad you like the way I used it. Sending you blessings as well.