Sheyla Hershey Coma: Sheyla Had Biggest Breasts Ever Video

A comment at Fox News on this story: “Not true. The biggest pair of B O O B S, Barry Soetero and Bin Biden.” Anyway, this video is not dated, but in it Hershey is scheduled for even more enhancement the next day – taking her to a size 38KKK – the biggest breasts ever. Sheyla tells a reporter that she wants to be remembered. She did her breasts for her “ego” and her “happiness.”

Quote of the day:

“Once I reclaim my identity as the world’s biggest boobs I can be a better role model for my daughter,” she told the paper. ~ Sheila Hershey

Hershey said she plans to be a “World Record Holder” for a year or two and then “scale back,” except that the “scaling back was a medical emergency. During the last surgery in Brazil, Sheyla contracted a deadly infection, and the implants had to be removed in September 2010. Now she is reportedly in a coma, after a drug overdose – a second suicide attempt because she felt so ugly without her outlandish boobs. Hershey is 31 years old, is married, has children and live in Houston.

Sheyla Hershey - Once the Worlds Biggest Breasts

Sheyla Hershey: Biggest Breasts in the World (video)

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  • I don’t even know what to say. Triple Ks? She wants them bigger. What will her grandkids think 40 years from now?

  • She has a very nice smile, the world’s largest breasts and possibly the world’s smallest self esteem.

  • I’ve never understood.. but then again, I’m a guy. I’d prefer nothing at all.. to plastic. Personal preference.. lol My daughter was thinking of implants years ago. I told her if your doing it to be admired buy guys.. then your going to be disappointed. If a guy goes with you for your breasts.. your going with the wrong guy.
    I wonder if this is something on a kin to Anorexia.. Never heard of her. Will forget her in a day or two. What reality show is she on?

  • Just found this information on Wikipedia..
    On July 14, 2010, Hershey was reported to be suffering from a staph infection in both breasts following her most recent breast surgery session. Although her implants have been removed, the speculation by her doctors was that the infection would also necessitate breast removal.
    Very sad.

    • Or poetic justice.

      On a personal note: Those of us ladies whom G-d has bestowed upon us a large bosum know from experience what it is to be seen as nothing but a piece of meat. I wish I had a dollar for every time I told a guy: “Excuse me, but my face is up here.”

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  • It is possible to get too much of a good thing.

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  • JackTheRipper

    If any lady out there needs someone to measure her breast size, that’s what I’m here for.

  • tamika

    Implants aren’t breasts.