Shep Smith’s Dangerous Snit: Choosing Egyptians or Israelis

Read a few blogs on both sides of the political aisle, and you see that Americans are passionate about our support for the plight of the Egyptian anti-government protesters. Watch a little news and there is no doubt news agencies are trying to shape the debate as well as our opinions. Shep Smith treated viewers to another snit yesterday, as he is prone to do, and it was quite a performance. He righteously quoted our Declaration of Independence, but did not once utter a concern for Israel in the face of an Egyptian regime change.

I Support Israel

We are choosing between those who honor life and those who do not. Who in Egypt will honor the existence of Israel?  Hosni Mubarak did it for thirty years, all the while treating his own people little better than Michael Vick treated dogs. We are choosing between the opportunity for a more prosperous life with some degree of liberty for Egyptians, and the physical life of all Israelis. Shep Smith is either ignorant of Islam or he is knowingly choosing the lives of Egyptians over the lives of Israelis.

The anti-government protesters began as a small group of 20-somethings, meeting in the home of a friend of Mohamed ElBaradei. The young “freedom fighters,” as they are referred to, said they chose ElBaradei to represent them to the U.S. They chose ElBaradei, who as the world’s nuclear watchdog, lied and betrayed us all, letting Iran successfully achieve their nuclear ambitions. They chose ElBaradei who then embraced  the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today we hear that Mohamed ElBaradei will not run for election to the presidency. Color me skeptical, and remember that the “freedom fighters” chose him, and he is no friend to the U.S. or to Israel.

While these young people yearning for freedom grabbed a piece of my heart early-on, the realization is, they don’t give a fig about Israel. Neither does that silly man, Shep Smith, and if you have any illusions that the world’s former nuclear Czar is a moderate, and only wants the best for his country, understand “his best” includes the destruction of Israel: ElBaradei Calls “Israel Number One Threat to Mideast.”

We must plant the ugly truth firmly in our minds: Egyptians do not care about the survival of Israel. Life for infidels in Islam has no value. Shep Smith and many in his position, are playing a dangerous game, and ignoring, that at stake, is the honoring of human life as a child of God, not as a a tenant of Islam. As Stacy McCain said: Spare Us Your Sermons.

So my support goes to the current government, with a broken heart for man’s inhumanity to man, and the prayer that the military will choose a president and cabinet who will continue the peace treaty with Israel. Whatever change is made, it’s doubtful the treaty can stand. Still, if my only choice were Mubarak, then Mubarak would be my choice, because I choose Israel. Read other thoughts on democracy, realism, and idealism at American Power. Fausta is talking about a “stability fetish.” Just Above Sunset is talking about The Unlikely Triumph of Hope.

Update: The Lonely Conservative has the news of Shep Smith running down another reporter in a Florida parking lot. Yes, he was charged!

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