Sharon Stone Bradly Gooden: Sharon Stone Stalker is Hillary Clinton’s Son – Bobby Joe?

Actress Sharon Stone has a stalker. He says he is a child prodigy and the son of Hillary Clinton. He also said he wrote The King’s Speech (up for an Oscar this Sunday night) when he was two years old.

Sharon Stone

Gooden, who gave police the name of Bobby Joe Clinton, broke into Stone’s house on February 11th where police took him into custody. It is not known if Stone was in the house at the time. Gooden says he traveled from Ohio to wherever her home is located because his mother, Hillary Clinton, bought the house from Stone and gave it to him as a gift. “It’s now my house, I live here,” Bobby Joe told law enforcement.

Stone has a temporary restraining order against Gooden prohibiting him from going within 100 yards of her or her children. The mentally ill Gooden, who still insists the home belongs to him, likely will not give much thought to a restraining order. He was placed on “psychiatric hold” and is now in a halfway house. Apparently Gooden is sane enough not claim Bill Clinton is his father. – or maybe there’s another story there. Source – E-Online.