Scott Adams Jean Adams Dead After Somali Pirate HiJacking: Robert Riggle Phyllis Mackay Dead After Somali Pirate Hijacking

There is little news. This story is just breaking. The initial news is that Scott and Jean Adams yacht was hijacked by Somali pirates with the Americans onboard. An American Navy warship was shadowing the craft and heard gunshots on the yacht. The Adams and their friends, Robert Riggle and Phyllis Mackay (or Macay) are dead, killed by the pirates onboard. The Navy moved in and found the Americans, along with “more than a dozen pirates. Some of the hijackers are dead, and others captured. More information as available.

Scott and Jean Adams

Phyllis Mackay and Robert Riggle

While awaiting more details of the deaths of these four Americans, the MailOnlineUK is questioning whether the hijacking and deaths are retaliation for the sentence handed down just days ago for the hijacker of the Maersk Alabama.

Update 6:30 pm CDT: All the details are still not known, but here is the latest.

There were 19 pirates. On Monday one pirate boarded the USS Sterret for “negotiations.” For some unreported reason, he did not return to the Adams Yacht, the Quest.  On Tuesday a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) was fired at the Sterret. It missed, and then gunfire was heard coming from the Quest. Fifteen Navy special-ops boarded the yacht and found Mr. and Mrs. Adams dead, along with their friends, Ms. Mackay and Mr. Riggle.

The pirates seemed to arguing about the best way to proceed before they fired on the the Sterret. After the grenade was fired, some pirates came topside immediately and raised their hands in surrender. Just as quickly,  the gunfire was heard.

Unfortunately, we now have 15 Somali pirates in custody, and the taxpayer will bear the burden of their trial in a civilian court, when the truth is each hijacking is an act of war.

This from The New York Times:

The American Navy has pleaded with ship owners to stick to designated shipping lanes when passing through the Arabian Sea, where pirates continue to strike with impunity, despite the presence of dozens of warships. The Navy sometimes provides escorts for convoys and the ships travel in numbers, for safety.

“But we can’t track everything, we can’t track everybody, it’s too large of an area,” said Bob Prucha, a spokesman for the military’s Central Command, on Saturday. He added that it was “common knowledge” how dangerous those waters were.

Mr. Stolnitz said Mr. Adam mentioned that he was aware of the risks of traveling through these waters. Mr. Adam said he had a device on his boat called a SPOT communicator, which can transmit its location to their Web site. During this particular journey, Mr. Stolnitz said, Mr. Adam was going to turn it off, because he had heard that pirates may be able to track the device.

Update 8:26 am CDT: CBS now has a report confirming the deaths.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams had a website where they chronicled their time at sea. See it here.

Thanks to Memorandum for linking. Follow their news on this story about the Adams, Phyliss Mackay and Robert Riggle

  • Lisa

    Time to take those pirates and hang them in a public display of outrage. This nonsense of bringing them to trial so they can spend years in prison is such nonsense – there is no reason they should be allowed to continue polluting the earth with their vile presence.

    • Lisa, I agree completely. We bring more of these committed jihadists, put them in our prisons where they create more jihadists – sometimes with blond hair and blue eyes.

      • Jackie

        This isn’t a jihad, for C. sake. This is just out and out greed, like for $. Nothing at all to do with Islam.

  • Juan Diaz

    You have to be really brave to go sailing in the Gulf of Aden after the continued reports of piracy and hijacks. I don’t think I’d dare.

    • Juan, I agree, and especially after what happened with the other couple. There are so many warnings out.

  • Ya know, regarding ANYONE that would go sailing in those waters, I have NO sympathy for them, no more than anyone that goes to Mexico… You take your life into your own hands…

    And we ALL know, Obama will do nothing… Not even a Cruise Missile or 2…

    • Fred, I vascillate from being angry that our military has to protect people who are so irresponsible, to not wanting to give up an inch of waterways to terrorists. The oceans are open to all, and I despise the fact that they are successful at keeping us out.

  • Juan Diaz

    A cruise missile would’ve killed the hostages too. Not everything gets solved with cruise missiles, actually, very few things do.

    • Juan, I have said before that we need to strafe the whole coastline where they keep their ships. Yes, we will kill innocents, and maybe hostages who have been held in these hell-holes for years. People are going to have to die, but we can give them so much grief that the people will string them up if they cause any more trouble. Kill them on their own soil. Take out all of their vessels.

  • So Sad.

    • Very sad Miranda. Thanks much for the visit.

  • Ran

    It is long past time that the CINC did his duty and permitted the Navy to be the Navy.

    • Yes, and he isn’t the only president that fell down on the job when it comes to terrorists.

  • BobF

    The US Navy was following that yacht and I assume once they discovered the Americans had been killed, they opened fire upon the pirates. Maybe they called in an air strike of A-10′s and obliterated them off the face of the earth?

    Oh, wait, sorry. I was thinking of what a president with kahonas would do to show the world what happens when his citizens are attacked and killed.

    TexasFred is right though. Those people knew the dangers of being in those waters and had no business there.

    • BobF – great to see you my friend. I really can’t see an end to this until we make the Somali people miserable beyond imagination. If we do that, it stops. Thanks for coming by again. I really appreciate it. Hope all has been well with you.

      • twist and bamba

        What did the Somali people did? I just hope the PIRATES and the NAVY or whoever tried to help them go to trial. Your comment is deplorable.

  • twist and bamba

    I’m having a hard time to see this event as something wrong or right. It is very suspicious though.
    After Wikileaks I don’t believe in the U.S. Government anymore. The dead couple blog has been erased… very suspicious!

  • BobF

    Hi Maggie. I’m doing well. I like the new format of the blog.

  • The Americans were duped or deliberately negotiated with a minor section of the pirates to secure the release of the s/v Quest crew, exclusions of major segment of the stakeholders. Fear and panic precipitated the mayhem!

    The two callers from the land were probably fake or irrate team members, the pirates are astonished with their statements and are seeking for more information on them. Who knows them? The pirates don’t !

    The involment of the local security agents that fed crap to the navy task force at work is questionable.
    All in all , Americans killed their own but blame it on criminalised Somali youth.

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