Sarah Palin to Announce in April?

Sarah Palin may be announcing a run for the presidency in April. The give-away apparently is announcing that Palin has booked an appearance on their show in April (according to Politicons), and (again apparently) claims Sarah has promised they will be the first announcement if she does announce. Can’t imagine how Sean Hannity must be feeling about his.  Doug Powers has another thought about why Sarah may run.


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  • I will NOT vote for her or support her. She can’t beat Obama, in fact she is his Dream Candidate.

  • Ran

    I’m with Powers: A Palin, a Cain, a Pence – the more such people add to the debate, the more real choice offered to the electorate. The next genuine Conservative has an opportunity to surpass even Reagan in achievement: that possibility alone scares the old-guard RINO machine.

    Our buddy findalis nails it – exactly backward, but nails it. Palin is in fact one of the few who activates the base, draws a crowd, sells a message: It would be a landslide much like Reagan’s. “Can’t beat Obama.” Right now, a freaking ham sandwich can beat Obama. The only way Obama wins is if Republicans sell-out to a RINO that alienates the base and disappoints swing-shoppers. We got Carter because of Ford’s wussiness. We got Clinton because of GHWB’s wimpishness. We got Obama thanks to W’s and McCain’s sheer guts and resolve…

    …and we will get Obama again if we serve-up another RINO.

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  • I agree 100% with Ran. The way to lose in 2012 is to not offer a clear and TRUE alternative for the millions who may not follow the issues like we do, but know that this current path is not working. Any establishment RINO will not offer that true alternative; I would predict that if that happens, millions will just not vote. And Obama will win.