Sarah Palin Time Mag: Palin Wants Apology for “Total Lies”

Sarah Palin wants an apology to herself, to Sean Hannity and Christina Aguilera for a fake

Sarah Palin

story that originally ran as “satire” in Us Weekly, and ended up on the Huffington Post – as real, and apparently Time Mag. The fake interview was Sean Hannity and Palin saying not- -so-flattering things about Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem performance at the Superbowl. I believe CBS also reported the story as though it were true. To be clear, it was all made-up.

Here is her email to Time Magazine’s Jay Newton-Small, their Congressional Correspondent.

“Subject: Great job, MSM!

Jay – pls tell your bosses there at Time Magazine thank you for the invitations to attend the upcoming functions. I’ll sure put a lot of thought into those invitations.

Then, have your editors retract Time’s most recent ridiculous lies about me supposedly giving Sean Hannity a radio interview wherein I supposedly talked about Christina Aguilera (that I slammed her for her Nat’l Anthem mistake, and called for her deportation, etc). You guys were fooled into running a fake story that even US Weekly pulled and apologized for their blunder. Total lies – and you guys (once again) even put quotation marks around things I have never uttered. Then, Time needs to run an apology to Christina along with the retraction. (Add Hannity in your apology, too…those good folks don’t deserve to be in a caustic, untrue story about me.) Thanks much – keep up the great work, Time Magazine.”