Rand Paul David Letterman: Washington Spends $20,000 Per School Pupil Video

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appears with David Letterman in this video. Letterman immediately zings Rand Paul about wearing jeans and a sport coat, and there is some discussion of Al Franken being Paul’s senatorial “mentor.” Talk about the Tea Party and then schools. Paul tells Letterman that Washington, D.C. spends

Rand Paul

$20,000 per pupil, schools are not educating, and half of our students are dropping out before they finish high school.

Letterman manages to gets in an inane comment about Republicans wanting the wealthy to get even wealthier. Paul asks, is Late Night Comedy done better by the government or the private sector? Letterman can’t get away from advocating for “the wealthy” to pay higher taxes – and suggests we can “get our money that way.” Paul says: The top 1% of the wealthy pays one-third of the taxes now. The top 50%, those making $70,000 and above, pay 96% of all income taxes – “the wealthy” are paying all of the income taxes. Letterman is clearly out foxed. He says he doesn’t believe the “numbers” Paul has just cited, “I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with them.”

Here’s a man, who Letterman correctly says, is receiving audience applause for his “stupidity,”  who knows nothing about real life in America. These “numbers” have been around forever and Letterman consistently defends every Democrat talking point. Shameful that a man in his position is ignorant about government, schools and taxes. See the video below.

David Letterman

From Fox Nation:

David Letterman: The school system is bereft. It needs attention. It has fallen behind. We are embarrassingly trailing other nations in terms of public schools.

Rand Paul: Yes, we can agree. We can agree to the problem, but here’s the rub. In Washington, D.C., we spend $20,000 per pupil and we still have a crummy school system. It’s failing our kids; our kids are dropping out. Half of them are dropping out before they finish high school…their scores are abysmal…and we spend more and more money. So money’s not always the answer. You have to do something, but I think part of the problem is we’ve taken education from the local sphere and now we control it from Washington and I think that’s been a mistake.

Well, something has gone haywire because it’s not working and I’m sure I agree with that argument but if we’re going to throw money at something, why not education? Let’s just see if it improves somehow.

Paul: Well, I think competition makes things better. You have to compete with other late-night comedians; I have to compete with other physicians. I think competition makes us better. Think if you didn’t have that guy, what’s his name, you have to compete with?

Letterman: You know, I think he’s wrong about some of these things. I just can’t tell you why.


Rand Paul and David Letterman on America’s School System (video)

  • BobF

    Letterman is an idiot. I can’t stand to watch him as he’s so left learning. I thought Leno was left until I watched Letterman. Letterman is nothing but a Masterpiece of Depravity.

    • BobF – yeah, at times, Letterman does seem like the real definition of an “idiot.” I think the man is not very smart. He represents the perfect Liberal – never let a fact get in the way of a talking point.

      • John

        I’m a liberal. I graduated #1 in my high school class while playing football, basketball, and running track, being President of the Spanish Club, President of the Student body, President of the Thespian society, and had the lead or co-lead in 7 theater productons. I was chosen to participate in the Texas Boys State convention in 1965. I graduated from engineering school magna cum laude and now make over $200,000 a year. I’m liberal and will debate Rand Paul anywhere, anytime, as long as I have equal control over the microphone as he does.

  • Amazing

    I wish there were someone to coach conservatives going on these communist shows……..Paul should’ve asked, “How do you feel about sharing your salary with all the comediens making less than you do?”.

    • Amazing – that’s a great comment. People like Letterman likely have their money protected somewhere. I wish people could understand that Leftists do little for the poor in this country. Philanthropy just isn’t their thing, unless they can be in front of a camera for a fundraiser.

      Thanks for commenting. You are spot-on.

    • John

      And his instant reply should have been, “I do. That’s why we have a graduated income tax. Always have and always should.”

  • Amazing

    When Letterman says “there’s something wrong with your numbers, they don’t seem right,…they’re a little off”…..Paul should asked,….”Dave, what are your numbers on this?”……Letterman: “Well. I don’t know”…….Paul: “Well, Dave I think there is something wrong with your answer,….something is not quite right”.

  • Amazing

    Letterman: “you support giving tax cuts to the richest fat cats….”…..Paul: “Many see you Dave as one of the ‘fat cats’,…..would you be willing to forfeit the tax cut you received?….why not pay 10x the amount you’re paying now?”