Progressives Protest: Clarence Thomas Go Back to the Fields, String Him Up Video

Big Government’s Christian Hartsock did an amazing job, laughing along with the Palm Springs Soros-funded Common Cause protesters at a high-profile meeting of Conservatives. We can see just how regressive Progressives are. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should “go back to the fields,” said one, another said “hang him,” and “string him up.” They want his wife Ginny dead as well. Justices Scalia and Roberts caught their wrath as did Fox News. See the video below.

Justice Clarence Thomas and wife Ginny Thomas

Notice “Momma Donna and her “costume,’ saying she is Andrew Breitbart’s “worst nightmare,” she is still waiting for her duel with Glenn Beck. Remember when the Tea Partiers sporting costumes representing our Founding Fathers or early Americans – how the Left made fun of them? Remember Glenn Beck telling the Tea Party to leave their respectful costumes at home – because they became a tool for Leftist loser, Keith Olbermann?

Are you feeling the civility? Read the story at BigGovernment.

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Palm Springs Progressives Call for Lynching Clarence Thomas and Wife (video)