Pam Geller CPAC 2011 Ground Zero Mosque Film: 9/11 Families Speak

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer at JihadWatch premiered the Ground Zero Mosque – The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attack documentary at CPAC 2011. The video below comes from Donald Douglas at American Power Blog. Donald attended CPAC and said simply, “folks were weeping,” as Rosaleen Tallon spoke of her brother, a NYC fireman on September 11th 2001. She tells of her family’s horrifying reading of what was left of her brother.

Ground Zero Mosque Documentary

This is just one of the stories of the almost 3,000 families forced to face the reality of the day that changed Americans forever. See all of the 9/11 familiy videos at Atlas Shrugs.

The world premier of the documentary will be on “Muhammed’s birthday,” February 20th in New York City, St. Luke’s Theatre, 308 W. 46th, NYC 7:30 pm. Make your reservation by RSPV-ing to

The organizations behind stopping the Ground Zero Mosque needs our financial help. This from JihadWatch director, Robert Spencer:

We are producing the film at our expense — and we are also bringing a number of 9/11 family members to CPAC to speak the day before the premiere. The cost of all this is considerable, and contrary to numerous false media reports, we have few resources. Please help us do this. Help us tell the truth about the Ground Zero Mosque that the mainstream media, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the clueless and/or complicit CPAC leadership don’t want you to know.

Unlike other organizations, every dime you contribute to AFDI is used for our activities. We work twenty hours a day, and we get no salaries from AFDI. You see the results of your contributions. You see where your money goes. There is no big machine, there are no big egos, no big organization, nothing but the work. You’ve seen your contributions go to bus ads, taxi ads, rallies, protests, press releases, signs, and now you will see what we do with your help at CPAC. We need you. Please send contributions, no matter how small. (But big is very good, too!) Contribute via Paypal to (tax-deductible) or to

I have just made my donation.

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The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks (video)

Read about the documentary film here, and more here – both addressing why they chose CPAC for the premier.

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