Orrin Hatch vs Jason Chaffetz? Video

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is facing a tough primary in 2012. Only 26% of Utah Republicans say they will vote for this man who says he hates his job, but is good at it, and has paid a terrible price for being in the Senate all these many years. In the video below, Hatch shows up at Tea Party. UPDATE: Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has announced that HE WILL NOT run against Orrin Hatch in November 2012.

Orrin Hatch

He is facing a challenge from Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Jon Huntsman, Jr., a former Utah governor and currently Obama’s Ambassador to China. Hatch is rated a “Moderate” by GovTrak, Chaffetz is considered a “far-right Republican.” In November 2010 Hatch is quoted saying Chaffetz will not run against him, says it is “very, very clear,” but this article quotes Chaffetz saying he is discussing it with his family.


In the video you hear Hatch say that he, along with Indiana’s Richard Lugar are the longest-serving Republicans in the Senate. Senator Lugar will face a serious challenge in Indiana, from whom it isn’t known. The leaders from 70 Tea Party groups have signed a “proclamation” saying they will all support the undetermined candidate against Lugar. The good people in Indiana are planning a farewell for this RINO.

Hatch has a fairly conservative voting record. The issue is how conservative. The following is my quick synopsis from VoteSmart:

The NEA gave Hatch an F in 2009.

The American Security Council Foundation 2009 100%,

ACT for America 100%,

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 2007-2008 -2, Club for Growth 2009 88%,

American Conservative Union 2008 80%,

Eagle Forum 2008 87%,

Americans for Prosperity 2007-2008 69%,

Concerned Women for America  2007-2008 68%,

League of Private Property Voters’ 2007 100%, Citizens for Government Waste 2008 76%,

Gun Owners of America – April Ratings 2010 55%, Alliance for Worker Freedom 2007 80%

American Immigration Lawyers Association 2007-2008 100%

English First 2007-2008 “A”

Americans for Better Immigration 2005-2008 (Lifetime record) B+

Find an interesting Laura Ingraham interview of Hatch here. May God bless the heavy lifting being done across the U.S. by the Tea Parties.

Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Michelle Bachmann (video)