Muslim Brotherhood Cleansing Egypt’s Constitution: MB to form Political Party: Strive for Jihad: Civilian Rulers Expected

The Muslim Brotherhood is invited to help Egypt “cleanse” the new constitution. A dreadful report. The Brotherhood was banned for good reasons and a violent history. The violence is now done by the groups they front for. It’s just that simple. The Brotherhood is duping the world by presenting a respectable face of Islam to the world. The bottom line is, they are Koranic hardliners. Not good news for the Egyptian people. The Brotherhood has announced they will now form an “official political party,” and “civilian rulers” will be a part of the deal. The Wall Street Journal quotes to MB members, a younger one wanting democratic philosophy and the older wanting to “continue to raise the banner of jihad” against the Jews.

Sobhi Saleh - Muslim Brotherhood

The first meeting to revise constitution was held today. The New York Times says Military Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi said “he hoped to yield control to CIVILIAN RULERS in six months. Whether Tantawi actually used the word “rulers” or not, I don’t know. There are no quotation marks. The same article says that a Coptic Christian judge will be a part of the panel and long with three experts in constitutional law.

CNS News:

Sobhi Saleh, a legal expert and a member of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, said the panel’s intention was to “cleanse” the current constitution to remove all restrictions on freedoms, including the right to form political parties, so that a democratic government can be formed and a “full constitution” can be drawn up afterward.

Saleh’s appointment to the committee suggests that the military may be willing to legitimize the Brotherhood, nearly six decades after it was banned. He said the panel was convening for the first time with the military on Tuesday.

From the Ikhwanweb (Muslim Brotherhood) website: (This is confusing, because if the MB has been banned for six decades, this says they were a part of the 2005 MP parliamentary bloc, continuing through 2008, at least)

[speaking of the Tunisian man who burned himself in protest, and Egyptians trying to do the same]

Sobhi Saleh, assistant secretary of the 2005 MB parliamentary bloc and member of the People’s Parliament, stated that these actions are simple responses by the citizens and an expression of the despair of the people in having no real Parliament that represents them, and cares for their needs and rights. He pointed out that the current forged parliament will increase the pains of the people, which the former MB and opposition MPs in the 2005 parliament were trying to alleviate.

The question is, which Muslim Brotherhood will be doing the cleansing?

Moaz Abdel Karim, an affable 29-year-old who was among a handful of young activists who plotted the recent protests here, is the newest face of the Muslim Brotherhood. His political views on women’s rights, religious freedom and political pluralism mesh with Western democratic values. He is focused on the fight for democracy and human rights in Egypt.

A different face of the Brotherhood is that of Mohamed Badi, 66-year-old veterinarian from the Brotherhood’s conservative wing who has been the group’s Supreme Guide since last January. He recently pledged the Brotherhood would “continue to raise the banner of jihad” against the Jews, which he called the group’s “first and foremost enemies.” He has railed against American imperialism, and calls for the establishment of an Islamic state.

I am reminded that Ayaan Hirsi Ali was once a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. What happens to the 29-year-old’s philosophy as the Brotherhood’s political capital rises?

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