Mubarak Will Stay Until Fall Election: Didn’t Want to Run In November

Hosni Mubarak is speaking to the people in Egypt right now. He says he had never

Hosni Mubarak

intended to run for president in the coming November elections, but he is not a man accustomed to shrinking his responsibilities, and he will stay in office between now and the elections to see them through in an orderly manner.

He said the “youth” were exploited as they sought to exercise their free speech, and “they jumped over the constitution.”

He says he assigned the Vice President Suleiman to meet with all political factions, some of which refused the offer because they had their own agenda – but the offer is still on the table.

Mubarak said he has never been a dictator and what he offered to Egypt was peace. He was a military man and loves his country. He is focused on “passing the flag” of a safe Egypt. Ongoing updates as available.

Update 3:15 CST: Fox is reporting the people are chanting “we will not leave.” The people want him out now – but it is a major victory for the protesters.

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