Mitch Daniels: Dump Right to Work Bill: Indiana Democrat Lawmakers Flee

When Mitch Daniels became Indiana’s governor in 2005, the first thing he did was end Indiana’s state employees’ right to collectively bargain. But today…today he is asking Indiana’s GOP legislators to back off of “Right-to-Work” legislation, and his Democrat lawmakers have fled the state.

Mitch Daniels

Tthe big question today: will Daniels send the State Troopers out to bring the public servants back to the state house ? Apparently, the answer is ‘no.’

A quorum was not present today, so Indiana’s business stood still. Elected representatives did…something, but that ‘something’ was not the people’s business. Do you think these flee-baggers will still receive a full paycheck, courtesy of the taxpayers? Yeah, I do too.

That’s one issue, but how about this one: Indiana Democrat legislators fled the state today for one reason, to continue forcing non-union members to contribute to funds that pay for union representation. Or said another way:

Today’s fight was triggered by Republicans pushing a bill that would bar unions and companies from negotiating a contract that requires non-union members to kick-in fees for representation. It’s become the latest in what is becoming a national fight over Republican attempts to eliminate or limit collective bargaining.

More from the Indianapolis Star and the issue of “right to work:

Union supporters say the bill which has sparked the protests, House Bill 1468 such a measure would weaken bargaining power because companies under collective bargaining agreements would no longer have to hire union members. Supporters, including the state’s Chamber of Commerce, say it would makes Indiana more appealing to business and will bring jobs to the state.

Daniels says state Republicans did not campaign on the issue of bringing Right-to-Work to the state, and he wants the issue tabled until a state-wide debate can be had. Surely Governor Daniels has seen the national polling in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who Rassmussen says has 48% backing him, and only 38% siding with Unions. What about Independents?

[From RASMUSSEN]:  Fifty-six percent support the governor.  Hardly any support the unions at this point in time.  What we’re seeing in independent voters all around the country is a desire to rein in government spending.  It’s even a little stronger than it is among some other voters. They’d like to see it cut across all sorts of the federal government.  One of the big missing stories in all the debate about the budget is that most Americans are serious about cutting spending; they support specific cuts; they’re ready to make changes.  The question is, will their politicians follow?

So Daniels is ducking this union-oriented legislation when momentum is building across the U.S. to do exactly the same. Tell me, who should not have the right to work? If you and I don’t want to be in a Union, how can forcing us to join be a good thing? You and I are sick and tired of filling the gravy boat for Unions. We’ve had it with Unions attacking all of us out here going to work every day, paying into our retirement, paying a large portion of our family’s health care, understanding that our shorter vacations and fewer paid holidays and sick days are due to the fact that we are valuable to our employer, our absence cannot be filled AND we revere capitalism.

Daniels position on delaying Right-to-Work is shocking to me. His budget cutting tactics are darn near legendary, he has supported Wisconsin governor Scott Walker as he battles collective bargaining, but he punts in Indiana.

Hot Air has more, and Memorandum, thank you for linking, has a thread underway. Read Mitch Daniels: Indiana Republicans should dropt Right to Work Bill

  • What is it with these progressive cowards scampering off to avoid reality?

  • The fleeing scoundrels bring politics to a new low.

  • Terrye

    I live in Indiana and it is not so much a question of Daniels nixing the bill, as it is the fact that if they did not vote on it yesterday that it is over for this session. That is just the way it is. The timing was not right. I think some people need to realize that different states do these things differently. I don’t like these people leaving either,but if it is over for this session, then there is not a lot Daniels can do about that.

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