Mitch Daniels Agenda Held Hostage, Blackmailed, Ransomed

When you negotiate with kidnappers or terrorists, you know what you get – not much. So is the story today in Indiana. Fleeing Democrat lawmakers have kidnapped the People’s business in Indiana – taken it across state lines, and sent a note saying Indiana will not see them or the hostage agenda, until and unless Republicans do what Democrats want. Governor Mitch Daniels negotiated and paid a ransom, advising the GOP to take Right to Work legislation off the agenda yesterday. Right to Work was dumped, but last night more demands were made. Democrat lawmakers do not want school charters or school vouchers, among other things. They say they will stay in Illinois until their demands are met.

Twenty-three bills died on the House floor last night because legislators did not show up for work.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma issued a statement on the Democrats’ demands.

“With this list of demands, the Democrats should stay in Illinois. We will not concede to a list of demands,” Bosma said. “Instead, we expect Democrats to return to do the work they were elected to do. If they are unwilling to do so, they should step down and be replaced with individuals willing to participate in the Democratic process.”

The legislation that died Tuesday night could be inserted into other bills. Daniels has said he won’t call Indiana State Police to retrieve the Democrats who left the state, but he hopes they will feel they’ve made their point and will return to work soon.

Read the rest of the background story here. Smitty at The Other McCain posted today – from Kabul Afghanistan – where he is serving “the American people” in the U.S. military. Read his thoughts on Democrats in Wisconsin – Mutiny.
  • What wimp Daniels is. He would negotiate with terrorist and hostage takers unlike a real leader. He can kiss POTUS aspirations goodbye unless he wants to run as a Democrat which would suit his cowardice actions more.
    He wimped out by not giving the legislators a deadline to return or be arrested. I’m all for dragging them into the chambers in orange jumpsuits and in shackles and telling them to do the job they were hired to do or go back to jail.

    • @ticker, Seems to me that Daniels’ advice to the GOP could have gone unspoken. There were deadlines that were expiring. He didn’t need to say anything, no matter how he felt.

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  • 1. I love to brag about Indiana when there is reason.
    2. I am a huge Mitch Daniels supporter, got a “My Man Mitch” bumper sticker on the car.
    3. I humbly say that Governor Daniels has blown this opportunity and whatever future political aspirations he may have had!

    Today I am not bragging about Indiana and I am not supporting “My Man Mitch”!

    • Ed, I understand. I see that from other Indianians, as well. I fear we will never find the one truly conservative candidate that can be elected.

  • I care not one whit for the way all of this is unfolding, or for the precedent it is setting. We are in a very dangerous place in America.

    • LD, this Union business is extremely dangerous. I don’t think there has been another time when Unions were so melded to Congress and the White House.

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