Media Matters Quotes Unnamed Fox Employee: Names No Facts: Jesse Watters Humiliates Think Progress Video

More business-as-usual at Media Matters but have they made it all up? An

Jesse Watters

unnamed employee “of the world of Rupert Murdoch” has told MM that the folks at Fox News just “concoct” the news – “that stuff is just made-up.” Not one example is given – not one example of anything “made-up.” They do offer links to news but fail to show or talk about why the story is “made-up.” See a video below.

I wrote this story last week, and then decided no one would be interested in a Media Matters hit-and-run. Then today a video surfaced with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, a Bill O’Reilly producer, being accosted by the Progressive Think Progress. Watters is well-know for his aggressive, but effective, approach to interviewing. So Jesse is in the story and I drug this out of draft. And it’s a great opportunity to show a photo taken by Karen at The Lonely Conservative with the very tall Jesse Watters at CPAC.

Jesse Watters and The Lonely Conservative

This source quotes the unnamed source, who was supposedly a Fox staffer for several years:

“The source notes, for example, that staffers are expected to figure out how to spin news stories the “right” way or they wouldn’t last at the network. “My internal compass was to think like an intolerant meathead,” he/she explained. “You could never error on the side of not being intolerant enough.”

The source added that during the Bush/Cheney era, Fox News became a “Stalin-esque mouthpiece” for the administration, to the point of becoming “dangerous.”

Spinning source notes – desperately trying to find a way to tell the story? Not totally immersed in the information they are passing on? Have you ever noticed a Fox host not having an abundance of material ready to go, or not well-versed in their subject? They spill the material, it gushes, and they often can’t get it all in. Beck? Huh-uh. Greta – nope. Sean – decidedly not, Megyn Kelly…not!. Even the morning shows have a command of their subject. While I might disagree with them, or they might have it wrong and have to correct, I have never found a single thing just “concocted,” reported-ont-the-fly,” or “made-up.”

Just think of the money to be made – if – if -you are a “staffer” with proof of news or commentary, anywhere, just being made up. I doubt Media Matters would be the conduit.

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Think Progress Fails in an Ambush (video)

  • One sure phrase to stop a liberal: Prove it! Show me some facts.

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