Mark Levin: Contempt Of Court if Admin Continues the Implementation of ObamaCare

With a federal court ruling ObamaCare unconstitutional, we have to ask if the courts will lose

Mark Levin

to the Obama administration once again. With Judge Vinson striking the law completely, the administration says they will proceed in its implementation anyway. Radio talk show host, and fabulous legal mind, F. Mark Levin is encouraging the 26 states involved in the lawsuit to file contempt of court charges if this does happen. In the video below Levin has some insight into two other court rulings which say the mandate to purchase health care, only, is unconstitutional.

We know how this went down with drilling, don’t we?  A New Orleans federal judge ruled against the administration’s moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar filed an appeal, and immediately issued a “new regulation” reinstating the moratorium.

Thanks to American Conservative Values for the video!

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Mark Levin on Federal Judge Striking Down ObamaCare (video)