Jordanians Want Queen Rania’s Family Land Back: Angry at Rania Accepting Palestinians into Jordan

Some Jordanians are criticizing King Abdullah II’s wife, Queen Rania – something not done without a possible punishment of three years in prison. They want land considered “Treasury land and farms,” given to the Queen’s family by her husband, returned to the people.

Jordan's Queen Rania

From Breitbart:

“We call on the king to return to the treasury land and farms given to the Yassin family (of the queen). The land belongs to the Jordanian people,” 36 tribal leaders said this week in a joint statement.

By so doing, they have broken a taboo in the desert kingdom, where criticism of the royal family is punishable by a three-year imprisonment…

A member of a large tribe said Jordanian authorities had “pressured some tribes for several days and told them to be careful in what they say to the international press.”

“We still have loyalty to the Hashemite throne, but we believe that King Abdullah should stop his wife and her family from abuse. Otherwise, the throne might be in danger,” he said, also without wanting to be named…

“The queen is building centres to boost her power and serve her interests, against the will of Jordanians and Hashemites,” the leaders said, comparing her to the wife of Ben Ali.

But there is one more not-so-small thing: the Queen is accused of helping 78,000 Palestinians gain citizenship in Jordan.

Although there is a large population of those considered of “Palestinian origin,” in Jordan, the people have flatly rejected Israel’s efforts to encourage Jordan to make a home and a better life for Palestinians there.

“Palestinians” originally were Aegeans, migrating from Greece to southern Syria. They were Philistines,  or the Roman name Palestina or Palestine. At the time of the British Mandate, Jordan was carved out of the ancient desert home of Jews – formerly Judea, and a Saudi king was seated from the Hashemite tribe.

The League of Nations orginally designated all of the area to be known as Trans-Jordan and later Jordan, to be a part of the Jewish homeland – that is, until the Brits conspired with the Mufti of Jerusalem and instead snapped their fingers and created the Hashemite kingdom With that, the Jewish nation lost 77% of the land bequeathed to them by 100% of the League of Nations.

Israel Borders as Designated by League of Nations

Israel after 77% of Their Land is Given to Trans-Jordan/Jordan

Jordan wants no more of their “Palestinian” brothers in their midst…no different from any other Islamic land. “Palestinians” have been rejected by everyone in the area, over and over. Just one year ago:

A US-based human rights group criticized Jordan Monday for stripping the citizenship of nearly 3,000 Jordanians of Palestinian origin in recent years.

Nearly half the kingdom’s 6 million people are of Palestinian origin and Jordan fears that if Palestinians become the majority, it will disrupt the delicate demographic balance.

Concerned about increasing numbers of Palestinians in the country, Jordan in 2004 began revoking citizenship from Palestinians who do not have the Israeli permits that are necessary to reside in the West Bank.

Human Rights Watch said Jordan stripped about 2,700 Jordanians of Palestinian origin of their citizenship between 2004 and 2008 and urged them to restore their full rights. The trend continued last year, the group said in a report released in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The Jordanian measure rendered the Palestinians “stateless,” depriving them of passports, voting rights, education, travel, health care and jobs, said Christoph Wilcke, HRW researcher on Jordan.

In the video below you will hear Rania speak of the rancor between Israel and Palestine. She speaks of the despair and frustration of the people (apparently Palestinians), and she says despair is at the heart of the problems of the Arab world. At this time, Jordan has not thrown open their borders to those residing in Palestine, nor have they offered to abandon their Kingdom and return it to Israel.

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Jordan’s Queen Rania on the “Arab Problem”