John Bolton and Newt Unload on Panetta, Admin

John Bolton and Newt Gingrich are unloading on Leon Panetta and the administration for their amaturish handling of the Egyptian uprisings. Radio personality  Todd Starnes tweeted a Gingrich quote: “CIA director has no business saying things publicly to undermine one of our allies.”

From Talking Points Memo:

[NEWT] “Look, I think the fact that they appointed a very able diplomat, Frank Wisner,

Newt Gingrich

and within two days, were publicly contradicting him, is, you know, it’s so amateurish,” said Gingrich, referring to the administration having backed away from its envoy saying that Mubarak should stay in power while political reforms are carried out.

“I was with John Bolton last night, he said it’s inconceivable that they would be this clumsy and this out of sync with — I mean, just with

John Bolton

themselves, forget the Arab world. They can’t even get the White House and their special envoy to be on the same page.”

Referring to Obama’s astonishing decision to invite the Muslim Brotherhood to meet with him in Cairo in 2009, Gingrich said “the Muslim Brotherhood is a mortal enemy of our civilization.”

…we don’t want to betray somebody [Mubarak] who’s been with us for 30 years as an ally. We do recognize his time may well have gone. We want to treat him with dignity, because he stood by us in very tough times. We want to help the Egyptian people achieve self-government, but we want to isolate and minimize the risk of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“This administration, I think, does not have a clue about those realities.”

But here’s how the Left sees it – yet another opportunity for their leader: “To some extent, Mr. Mubarak opened the door for President Obama to appeal even more directly to the protesters, some of whom have felt betrayed by the administration’s cautious approach, saying it placed strategic interests ahead of democratic values.

Newt Gingrich (video)

  • Newt has it exactly right. And his concerns are well founded and proven valid, especially after we see how the Obama Administration handled yesterday’s situation in Egypt. The word “inept” comes to mind.

    • TCL, Newt can be so brilliant. During the election when we were talking about Obama’s connections to Islam, I so wish he had spoken up. Like most, he waited until it was too late, but he is spot-on about this. One way or the other, this will be a big election issue.

  • I have found out when John Bolton speaks you can take it to the bank. If only he was speaking from the Oval Office. 2012 anyone?

    • Carl, I wrote something about this before. It’s hard to get his take on social issues, but I bet he is conservative through and through.

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