John Boehner: Israel Sacrificed For The Sake of Peace and Stability

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told Israeli’s Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, that the people of Israel “have sacrificed for the sake of peace and stability.” Well, hallelujah! Isn’t it about time someone in leadership said this – about time, and long past time, that we acknowledged the homeland sacrificed in terms of real land, and the real blood and tears of the Israeli people spilled? There are two stories here. The obvious is our support for Israel. The second, is the admission of the sacrifices of the Jewish people.



“Israel is one of America’s strongest allies. We share common values, and fight common enemies in the form of violent extremism,” Boehner said in a statement after talks with Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren.

“The people of Israel have sacrificed for the sake of peace and stability. With change coming rapidly to the Middle East, the United States is committed to standing by our close ally to maintain peace and stability in the region,” he added.

Here’s the thing, the land has not always belonged to “Palestinians“. It makes a great story and the Rachel Corries of this world were and are passionate for that lie, but it isn’t true. Palestinians have not existed from “time immemorial.” Arabs, yes. Palestinians, no. There were no thriving Arab populaces in Palestine in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries. The few that were there considered themselves to be Ottomans or Turks, Southern Syrians or as Arab people, but never as Palestinians.

Arabs in the area lost what land they had to extortion through taxes and their land was taken by feudal land owners.  The British took lands granted to Israel by the Mandate of the League of Nations and gave it to the landless Arabs…

To appease Arab “discontent,” the British violated the international League of Nations Mandate, by “facilitating” Arab settlement onto Jewish-settled land, and by treating the Jews only “on sufferance” in their “Jewish National Home.”…

The Arabs swarmed into the Jewish-settled areas of Western Palestine, took the places that Palestinian Jews were clearing for Jewish refugees, and then charged the Jews with “displacing Arab natives” in the Jewish-settled area of Western Palestine.

Here is the beginning of the sacrifices made by Jews just beginning to live in their own homeland:

Israel Borders as Designated by League of Nations

Notice that the West Bank and Gaza was to be given to Israel. Originally, the Mandate gave Israel 124,466 sq. km (46,512 sq. miles), but by the time the British finished with their Muslim appeasement, Israel settled into 28,166 sq. km. (10,874 sq.mi.). They lost 77% of the land the WORLD gave them.

Israel after 77% of Their Land is Given to Trans-Jordan/Jordan

Remember that the country of Jordan didn’t exist until it was created to give the Saudis a Kingdom in the area.

I applaud the Speaker for his words. Democrats must be frothing, although I can already see that the news is, that Boehner supported Israel. That he spoke of their sacrifices isn’t even a side story. Thank you to Si Vis Pacem.