John Boeher: Federal Workers Laid Off? So Be It!

House Speaker John Boehner has little empathy for federal employees who lose their jobs due to

John Boehner

Republican budget cuts – an attitude that must prevail. Boehner’s position is the right position. We must be strong enough to resist the government’s desire to employee and enslave American taxpayers. New federal jobs created under Obama: 200,000! Let’s get those pink slips flying.

“In the last two years, under President Obama, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs,” Mr. Boehner told reporters Tuesday morning during a press conference in the lobby of the Republican National Committee, according to various news outlets. “If some of those jobs are lost, so be it. We’re broke.”

Republicans in the House are considering legislation on the floor this week that seeks to slash $62 billion from the federal budget by the end of September. Those reductions – which face significant resistance in the Democratically controlled Senate – would result in drastic reductions at just about every federal agency.

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