Jay Carney Blames Bush, Knows Nothing on Iran, Nothing on Suez, Nothing on National Debt

New Press Secretary Jay Carney, on his first day at the podium, carries forth the mantle of the Obama administration: he

Jay Carney - White House Press Secretary

knows nothing about Iran, nothing about the Suez Canal and Iran and Syria, nothing about the principles of borrowing and spending or the President’s position on them, but does know that George W. Bush is to blame.  Source. See the video.

Jay Carney – New White House Press Secretary Knows Nothing but Bush is to Blame (video)

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  • Ran

    Lil’ Jay “Three-ring” Carney. Yeah, well – “there’s one born every minute!
    Or would that be Jay “Chilly-Con” Carney?
    . . .
    At times like this, one really misses Tony Snow – MHRIP.

  • Master of the no answer, and illogical thinking.. Without saying it.. still blaming Bush for the economy.. forgetting the enormous responsibility his own party in this current crisis.
    Well sir.. Obama owns the economy now… not Bush.. That ended when you added more debt than what was accumulated in the entire history of this country from Washington to today. So no you dweeb, Obama now owns the crisis we’re in.