Iranium The Movie: View it Free Now, Watch it with Your University Student

Iranium the Movie is screening tonight in some select AMC theaters across the U.S. The sixty-minute film is available on DVD for $19.95. If you have college-aged children, this movie is one you will want them to see. It will not likely be viewed at their university. Many well-know experts on Iran are involved in this project: John Bolton, Rep. Shelly Berkley (D-NV), Frank Gaffney, Jr., Reza Kahlili – a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard member who worked with the CIA, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Dr. Michael Ledeen, Cliff May, Walid Phares, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, James Woolsey, and many others. Watch the full movie online. If I can figure out how embed the video, I’ll have it here.

Iranium The Movie: Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower)

There are ways we can help this film project. Order the DVD and have a screening in your home or church. If you are a blogger, feature the film prominently. There are numerous ways to get involved and spread the message. See them here. Stop funding funding Iran’s nuclear program. See the Iranian Business Registry (IBR), a running list of companies, American and International doing business in Iran, such as Abbot Lab, Alcoa, Archer Daniels Midland Company, and American Pop Corn Company (Jolly Time).

The first video below is the trailer, and the second is former United States UN Ambassador John Bolton on the Iranian threat. It’s very interesting to hear what he say to say about why so many Americans do not take Iran’s agressive aspirations seriously, and it has to do with religion. Don’t forget, watch this your university student!

Iranium The Movie Trailer (video)

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