House Seeks to Stop New NOAA Climate Service, EPA Regulations

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) plans to create a new “climate” bureaucracy,

Climate Science

incorporating the NOAA and other entities into one, known as a “Climate Service.” Texas Congressman Ralph Hall (R), chair of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, is hoping to defund the new “Climate Service.” and is trying to defund the EPA’s fraudulent climate regulations (which have not been legislated by Congress). At the same time, Republican Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM) is attempting to defund the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). See a video below.

“The proposed Climate Service will bring together NOAA’s existing climate research, observations, monitoring, modeling, information product development and delivery, and decision support functions from NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, the National Weather Service, and the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, which will be renamed the National Environmental Satellite Service,” according to NOAA’s proposal.”

Note that the IPCC has backed falsified claims of global warming, when their own chief supreme leader at the East Anglia University in the UK (who famously “hid the decline”) admits there has been no global warming since 1995, and the warming shown by the organization’s temperature monitors were created by “urban influences,” translated meaning thermometers were place in ridiculous places like airport runways where jets were taking off, on concrete and near air condition and heating motors. The  glaciers are not melting around the world, polar bears are not vanishing, and the oceans are not rising – clear proof – we had no need to elect Barack Obama in 2008.

In 2008, Al Gore predicted the entire north polar ice cap will be gone in five years, and then there’s this:

Gore, Schwarzenegger, and the IPCC made their mark through their dramatic predictions of catastrophic sea level rise due to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing global warming.  Gore once predicted that sea levels would rise by twenty feet over the century.

Last year, Schwarzenegger unveiled a map showing world sea levels rising by 1.5 meters over the next century.  In 2001, the IPCC predicted that sea level would rise by three feet over the next century.

In 2001, the IPCC predicted that sea level would rise by three feet over the next century. ..

The actual sea level rise over the last eighteen years is 1.85 inches, which works out to 10.4 inches per century.  This is similar to the 20th century’s rise of 8 inches, but much less than the average rise of 4 feet per century for the last 10,000 years as glaciers left by the last ice age continue to melt.

Gore’s prediction is clearly the worst of these three, yet he was awarded a million-dollar Nobel Peace Prize for bringing this issue to the attention of the world.  Schwarzenegger’s prediction comes in second-worst, yet he is angling for a global warming spokesman job in the Obama administration.

The IPCC’s prediction is third-worst, yet it just won a huge expansion of the U.N. bureaucracy at the Cancun Climate Conference. Read the article at American Thinker, and see the corroborating graph.

One more, the arctic caps are not thinning.

How about what happens in the Antarctic then? Since its ice area has been increasing, is this also an indicator of what might be happening in the rest of the world?”

The FACT is that the majority of Antarctica has cooled over the past 50 years and ice coverage has grown to record levels. Take the well-publicized collapse of a 160 square mile block of the Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica in March 2008. For the alarmist media this was conclusive proof of the dramatic global warming effects. The Los Angeles Times ran, ‘Antarctica Collapse’ referring to the “rapid melt of the Wilkins Shelf”.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran ‘Ice Shelf Hangs By a Thread’ and theSalon online news site had the absurd headline ‘Bye-bye Antarctica?

But Joseph D’Aleo, first Director of Meteorology at The Weather Channel and Chief Meteorologist at Weather Services International, was more prosaic.  On his IceCap website, D’Aleo wrote that the collapse was the equivalent, given the enormity of Antarctica, of “an icicle falling from a snow and ice covered roof.” He added, “The latest satellite images and reports suggest the ice has already refrozen around the broken pieces. In fact the ice is returning so fast, it is running an amazing 60 percent ahead of last year when it set a new record.” Noting the ludicrous media hype, D`Aleo laments, “Yet the world is left with the false impression Antarctica’s ice sheet is also starting to disappear.”

Dr Herman adds an apposite footnote: “It is interesting that all of the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) stories concerning Antarctica are always about what’s happening around the western peninsula, which seems to be the only place on Antarctica that has shown any warming.” Herman asks, “How about the rest of the continent, which is probably about 95 percent of the land mass, not to mention the record sea ice coverage recently.”

These amendments will be added along with reportedly hundreds of other amendments – perhaps as many as 400+ – to the House spending bill. A note of humor: one amendment would eliminate funding a presidential teleprompter. Another video of interest is Senator Jim Inhofe’s latest discussion with a journalist who wanted Inhofe to apologize to his daughter.

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Al Gore on Melting Polar Ice Caps