Hezbollahs Nasrallah – Invade Israel: Netanyahu Says Climb Back in Your Bunker

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah urged his followers to prepare to invade

Hassan Nasrallah

Israel. Israel reminded the Lebanese people that to not doubt that Israel can defend themselves and suggested Nasrallah climb back in his “bunker.”

The message: in our war in 2006, 1200 Lebanese died, 16o Israelis died.

The Jerusalem Post:

“Whoever hides in a bunker should stay in the bunker,” Netanyahu said. “No one should doubt Israel’s strength or its ability to defend itself”

He added: “Nasrallah said he would capture the Galilee, I have news for you – you won’t.”

“We have a strong army,” he added. “We seek peace with all of our neighbors, but the IDF is prepared to defend Israel from any of its enemies.”

Nasrallah reportedly told his minions “the Israelis are afraid,” and said the country has lost its confidence in the wake of the changes in Egypt.

“I tell the fighters of the resistance that one day they might be asked to liberate the Galilee,” he said.

“The Israelis are afraid,” Nasrallah said. “I want to assure you and tell the Israelis that they should be careful because the blood of Imad Mugniyeh will not go to waste.”

A thank you to Si Vis Pacem, who caught the story first. Memorandum is talking about Nasrallah and Israel. Look for the topic ‘Prepare to Invade Israel’ Filed under Hizbollah.