Herman Cain Wins Tea Party Straw Poll

A Phoenix Tea Party Summit reveals Herman Cain as an overwhelming favorite of the 1600+ votes cast, over Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Paulinistas were busy online voting, giving Ron Paul the online win. None of the possible candidates for 2012 were present.

Cain Wins Tea Party Phoenix Summit Straw Poll

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove had some interesting comments on this poll (read it for more on Ron Paul):

There are several reason why I like Herman Cain to be the 2012 GOP nominee. He’s conservative, he’s brilliant, he’s well spoken, he is not an apologist, and he will stand by his principles. Oh, and he has real world experience.

Also, it would drive the “tolerant” liberals off the deep end to have a Black man running as the GOP representative, and you just know the real left, the racist, bigoted, intolerant left would be out in force.

Cubachi has some thoughts on Cain and points out that Sarah Palin linked to one of his recent articles. Memorandum has a good thread on Cain underway.