Herman Cain CPAC 2011 Video

Herman Cain, an exciting potential presidential candidate, laid out three specifics, according to Karen at The Lonely Conservative (who attended CPAC): Stay Informed, Stay Involved and Stay Inspired! Cain is an inspiring speaker.

See links to CPAC updates and photos from Stacy McCain at The Other McCain, Karen at The Lonely Conservative, and Donald Douglas at American Power, below the video.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N3-j3HM7-A’]

The Lonely Conservative:

Nobody was Running from Griff Jenkins and Jesse Waters at CPAC – pics of Karen and Stacy, as well.

Mitt Romney Rips Hooverville – a pic of The Lonely Conservative and late-night funny-man Greg Gutfeld

The Other McCain:

CPAC Ends, Media Lies Continue

CPAC Day 3: Write-In Your Straw-Poll Favorite – Ann Coulter – – catch the comments about Ron Paul

CPAC Day 3 – Flu-Like Symptoms

American Power Blog:

Ground Zero Mosque Documentary Preview and Pam Geller

Ann Coulter at CPAC

CPAC Blogging – Donald Rumsfeld and Dana Loesch

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  • S.I.N. Shift the subject. Ignore the facts. Name call. I say Herman’s right on the money.

  • The man also understand economics and is a successful businessman, which may disqualify him from politics.

    He’s got my vote

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  • I’ve been listening to Herman Cain for years on WSB out of Atlanta. We are mere mortals when next to this man. I am behind him 100%.

    • Jake, I’m don’t have a history that long with him, but I love to hear him speak. I hope he runs, and I pray if he does, the Left can’t manufacture a way to ruin his life. Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

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