Herman Cain Alternet: Black Garbage Pail Kid, Monkey in the Window

A far-left website which I’ll refer to as the “hating-bastards” (interchangeable with far-left) has called Herman Cain the “black garbage pail kid,” a “monkey in the window,” and a “race minstrel for CPAC.” “Hating Bastards is uber appropriate.

Herman Cain

About those hating bastards, from Bob at The Camp of the Saints:

I do wish people would stop using the term ‘liberal’ to describe the Leftists.  They are anti-liberal with every fiber of their being.  ‘Liberal’ is a term they appropriated [something they’re good at doing at the point of a gun] when the term ‘Progressive’ became a dirty word.  ‘Progressive’ is a term, in turn, they swiped when ‘Socialist’ and ‘Communist’ became associated with terrorism and revolution.  A is A and a Lefty is just a Totalitarian; they can call themselves B or C or L, but they’ll always be the life-hating bastards they are.

The truth is, you have to be a hating bastard to hate on a gentleman like Herman Cain. One thing I’ve learned since the Clinton administration is that hating bastards have no shame.

UPDATE: Ran at Si Vis Pacem some good commentary and more links. And there’s more pith at King Shamus.

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