Gun’s Report New Website

I have a new website to tell you about – the Beta just online yesterday. My friend Ran at Si Vis Pacem is involved in this venture. Here’s is how he explains the mission of The Gun’s Report:

Its task is to deliver news to those who care about Liberty and Small Government with positive emphasis on the First and Second Amendments to the American Constitution. The Gun’s Report will be constantly updated and refreshed with links to great blogs, main news sources, interesting and fun items, shooting industry news and the news of the day from around the world. Your comments and links are welcome!

The site will launch formally on April 14th. What you see there this morning are Beta test pages. This is an exciting new venture, where I suspect you will find all of your First and Second amendment news, along with the top stories of the day. The Gun’s Report. More as the site evolves.

  • Sounds great. I will be looking forward to following it. Thanks Maggie.

  • Many thanks Liberty Belle! I shall, of course, return the honor with links back here to Notebook. You do solid reporting on things ignored by the mainstream – items that deserve greater attention. Much success Maggie!