Gordon Hintz Michelle Litjens: Wisconsin State Congressman Tells Rep. Michelle Litjens “You are F**king Dead!

Immediately after the Wisconsin Assembly held a vote last Friday on the budget repair bill, Democrat state Representative Gordon Hintz, recently busted in a prostitution sting, yelled across the floor of the room…

Gordon Hintz

“You are f**cking dead.”

Michelle Litjens

The threat was directed at Republican Representative Michelle Litjens, and was heard by “other witnesses.” Hinton blames his threat on Republicans…they made him mad and frustrated…Republicans made him do it – he was in shock, he said, but issued an apology when he was told “someone” took his comments personally.

The source for three of the words in the quote above are from The Northwestern. They deemed it appropriate to quote the death threat but not the naughty word – even with asterisks, as I have done. It’s a terribly upside-down world when an obscenity is worse than a death threat.

According to 620WTMJ NewsRadio, Gordon Hintz was issued a municipal citation for violating a city sexual misconduct ordinance – something to do with the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor in Appleton, Wisconsin. Gateway Pundit reports a Hintz arrest for “touching or offering to touch sexual parts.” Read some good commentary on Hintz at RedState. More on Hintz and will the msm report this story, at Daily Caller. Follow the conversation at Memorandum as the story develops (thanks for the link!).



  • BobF

    Gets arrested for prostitution and issues a death threat to another representative? You can tell this guy is definitely the product of inferior breeding.

    If a Republican, a Tea Party Member, had done this, it would be covered 24/7 by all the major news media outlets. But, we’re only hearing about it on the blogs.