GOProud vs Cleta Mitchell: Is GOProud Conservative? Is CPAC Conservative?

There has been quite dust-up over the gay, conservative group GOProud and their attendance at CPAC. Ann Coulter got out front early-on with some support and was a headliner for GOProud’s

Erick Erickson - RedState

Homocon conference. Andrew Breitbart has joined their Advisory Council. The CPAC meeting in Washington, DC is underway at this minute, and this is the second year’s attendance for GOProud, with a far higher profile this year than last. Cleta Mitchell is a well-known Washington D.C. attorney, and is sometimes referred to as “the Tea Party’s lawyer.” According to Erickson, she is under attack from GOProud.

RedState’s Erick Erickson, who is deeply involved in CPAC says he has attempted to stay out of the fray of supporting the inclusion of GOProud…or not, but can no longer do so. The abiding question is, is GOProud a conservative group? While there is much news, lets address only that now. First, his comment about Cleta Mitchell:

Cleta Mitchell

Cleta Mitchell is not just my friend and lawyer, she is one of the keystones of the conservative movement in Washington, D.C. When Sharron Angle’s campaign seemed off the rails right after the primary, it was Cleta who went in to help right the ship. It was Cleta Mitchell who stepped up to defend Christine O’Donnell when no one else would. It was Cleta Mitchell who exerted pressure on wavering conservatives to get on board Marco Rubio’s campaign. It was Cleta Mitchell who helped organize defense and offense for a host of conservative causes headed to court. It remains Cleta Mitchell who does not hesitate to give advice for new conservative organizations and pick up the phone to raise money for conservative causes and candidates.

The GOProud players are Christopher Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founders of GOProud. In this article from MetroWeekly, Barron the GOProud Chairman of the Board says “we’re a conservative organization and we’re trying to stop the left’s agenda.” Please also check-out his statement about Cleta Mitchell.

The duo has taken their brash tactics to the top, hosting what Barron calls ”the hottest ticket” at CPAC — the ”Big Party,” co-hosted with Breitbart and featuring a performance from singer Sophie B. Hawkins, who identifies as omnisexual and has a female partner.

Barron and LaSalvia are loud and proud – despite the fact that they may not be popular in the rest of the gay political world. But sometimes the taunts from the left even get to them.

Turning serious, LaSalvia says, ”You can question our tactics, you can question some of the stunts we pull and some of the things we say, but nobody should question our motives – because we’re gay Americans, too.”

Jumping directly to RedState’s concerns – is GOProud conservative, at all? Erickson’s opinion is no, they are not a conservative organization and do not have a conservative agenda. He offers the following. Please visit RedState and follow the links to back up his statements.

While Cleta Mitchell was fighting for children, Chris Barron was signing up to work for the champions of child killing.

While Cleta Mitchell was fighting for people’s right to work, GOProud was aligning itself with the AFL-CIO and the SEIU.

While Cleta Mitchell was helping the Senate Conservatives Fund get people like Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and others elected, GOProud was attacking Jim DeMint.

While Cleta Mitchell was in super secret meetings of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy this week, GOProud was attacking Tim Pawlenty for daring to defend conservative positions on don’t ask-don’t tell.

I found this important story via Crockett’s Daily Corner.

UPDATE: Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner put this in perspective for me when she said: (give her post a read for some more insight)

For the past few weeks, conservative bloggers have used every means possible to justify GoProud – a group of people who self-identify by the manner in which they engage in sex, being included as a sponsor (or whatever) at CPAC.

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