Gingrich: Obama Didn’t Understand His Action Was Unconstitutional! House Must Pass Resolution – Zero Out Attorney General

Newt Gingrich has a good interview with NewsMax in the video below. I was cheering up to the point where he tells the interviewer he

Newt Gingrich

does not think Obama set out to create a constitutional crisis. He believes the president did not understand the implications of suspending a law, and that his action was clearly unconstitutional. Everything else Newt said shines a light on a way forward, and how Republicans can handle this, but to say Obama didn’t know what he was doing is ridiculous. Of course, Obama the great and brilliant Constitutional attorney sitting in the Oval Office knows what he did is unconstitutional. The interesting part is detailing how the House can stop the dissolution of the Defense of Marriage Act. It may require the “zeroing out of the Office of the Attorney General. The last portion of the video is on healthcare, and it is worth listening to.

In this interview you’ll hear Newt Gingrich say that the House of Representatives, next week, should pass a resolution, instructing the president to enforce the law and obey his own presidential oath, which he swore to on the Bible. The resolution should say, if he fails to do so, they should zero out the office of Attorney General ,and take such other steps as is necessary until Obama does his job. His job is to enforce the Rule of Law, not the Rule of Obama.

Gingrich gives this example: imagine that Governor Palin was president. Imagine that she’d announce that in her judgement, Roe vs Wade is not constitutional, and the government would no longer protect anyone’s right to have an abortion because she personally decided it should be changed. The NYT would demand her impeachment. Obama warns if Obama is not stopped, we will have a Constitutional crisis.

Gingrich doesn’t believe this is impeachable right now – that Congress must act first. He also said ‘we the people’ must get educated on what swearing on the Bible and taking the presidential oath means. I think Newt misunderstands the American people. We understand completely, and we are disparing, as we wait to see who will do something. We don’t have a lot of confidence that our Congress will do anything productive. Read more commentary at NewsMax. The Lonely Conservative has more, and Hot Air makes other interesting points and Memorandum (thanks for the link) has a thread underway: If Palin Took Obama Actions.

UPDATE: 3-3-11: Memorandum has updated info on Gingrich and “the specter of impeachment.” While Gingrich said it isn’t time, yet, to call for impeachment, and lays it squarely on the shoulders of our impotent Senate,

Newt Gingrich Constitutional Crisis if Obama isn’t stopped (video)