OnGoing Updates to This Earlier Post: Egypt TV Tells Protesters to Get Out of Tahrir Square Immediately

Cairo's Tahrir Square (Liberty Square)

Update 2-4-11 8:35 pm CDT: Egypt’s new Prime Minister says it is doubtful Mubark will step down before elections, and said “it is “unlikely” power will be turned over to VP Omar Suleiman. But also said there is a “resolution in the works,” but would not explain. Today was peaceful, but with journalists still kept out of the are and still hassled.

Update 2-3-11 9:31 pm CDT: 2-4-11 in Cairo 4:31 am Cairo time: Friday in Cairo is expected to see increased violence, as anti-government protesters have said this is the day Mubarak must leave Egypt. At this early hour, Fox just showed video and people were in the streets, molotov cocktails were flying, along with rocks.

Update 2-3-2:20 pm CDT: 9:20 pm Cairo time: State Department’s P.J. Crowley says State has evidence that yesterday’s violence was a concerted attack by government sources or the NDP (National Democratic Party).

Austin Assad, a young anti-government protest organizer, spoke with Megyn Kelly by phone. He also said the pro-Mubarak supporters had identification showing that many were police out of uniform. He said the cause is worth his life.

Fox News’ reporter Greg Palkot, who has been doing a great job in Cairo, was attacked last night and severely injured. Palkot and his cameraman Olaf Wiig were hospitalized overnight and released .All Western journalists are out of the area of the conflict. There is little live camera going on with Fox.

Update 2-3-11 11:09 am CDT: Fox News’ Mike Tobin reporting from Alexandria, Egypt said the crowds have diminished there as night falls.

Update 2-3-11 11:oo am CDT: Opus at American Perspective is reporting that well-known Egyptian blogger, Sandmonkey, has been arrested in Cairo. He was calling for anti-government protesters to show up and bring food and medical supplies. Now there is an update that Sandmonkey has been released. Read the story at American Perspective.

Update 2-3-11 10:30am CDT: 6:30pm Cairo Time: Time is running out for Americans wanting to leave Egypt. State Department says today, Thursday, in Cairo is your last chance. See the green text below.

New Egyptian prime minister Ahmed Shafiq, apologized for violence on the Cairo streets yesterday. He apologized to “Egypt’s sons,” said the bloodshed was “a disaster,” and it wouldn’t happen again.

The apology comes after images were broadcast around the world of heavily armed thugs assaulting reporters and peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, many of them found to be carrying official identification as state security forces or police.

Shafiq acknowledged that the attacks appeared to be part of a coordinated campaign of violence, but that “no one had prior knowledge”.

The Prime Minister said he would go to Tahrir Square to meet with the anti-government protesters.
Update 2-3-11 12:12 am CDT – 2-3-11 8:13 am Cairo Time: AMERICANS are told they should be at the airport now or on their way. Go to Haj Terminal, Hall 4. If they do not get out on Thursday Egypt time, the U.S. can likely NOT get them on a flight.

Update 2-2-11 11:33 CDT – 2-3-11 7:21 am Cairo Time:
AMERICANS are told to get out of Egypt as soon as possible. If you want a flight out, after the morning curfew go to Cairo’s Haj terminal, Hall 4. Do not try to call Embassies or the State Department – just get to the airport safely.

Update 2-2-11 11:23pm CDT – 2-3-11 7:21am Cairo Time: Fox just cut to live photos of Tahrir square. In the dim morning light there are quite a few people there. Tanks are still present and I can see a larg truck that looks like an oil tanker.

Fox is reporting that ATMs are out of cash. Many homes have no electricity – the reason is not given.

Update 2-2-11 4:36 pm CDT: Ashley Webster back on with Shep. It appears some of the Mubarak supporters are leaving the streets. In the last 10 minutes there has been shelling (into the air I think) from the tanks – a first according to Webster).

Update 2-2-11 2:45 pm CDT: Fox’s Ashley Webster says bottled water is difficult to find in Cairo. He says when the Mubarak supporters showed up today, both side were throwing rocks, then strangly…the rock throwing stopped and both sides began hugging. That lasted about 36 seconds, then the violence began and has not stopped since.

Ashley Webster says this looks like an in-your-face message from Mubarak. Government revenge in the streets of Cairo today.

Update 2-2-11 2:36 CDT: Ashley Webster Fox Correspondent in Cairo is reporting that the gunfire is producing results – people are beginning to leave the square. Shep Smith says the military is moving against the people.

Mob mentality. Talk of the gunfire due to trying to quash the molotov cocktails. Webster is confirming that it is a tank in the square and not a personnel carrier.

Update 2-2-11 2:27 CDT: Gunfire begins again. Shep Smith says people around the tank were scrambling to get out of the way. He hasn’t seen the military move a people like this since China’s Tieneman Square.

Shep Smith is asking if the Mubarak supporters who showed up today could be the police who is hated by the anti-government protesters. The police was pulled away from the street protests a few days ago, changed to civilian clothing and went into the streets. Shep asks if today’s newcomers can be the police.

Update 2-2-11 2:15 CDT: Shep is saying that he cannot communicate with Ashley Webster who minutes ago was near the firing.

Update 2-2-11 2:15 CDT: (Cario time 10:15 pm) A tank is seen in Tahir Square and heavy gunfire is continuing. It appears that the military maybe firing on the people. People are surrounding the tank.

Update 2-2-11 2:10pm Ashley Webster reporting from Cairo on Fox. Gun fire is clearly heard – lots of it and it doesn’t sound like small arms. One person is reported dead. Flames of molotov cocktails are flying. The gunfire, lots of it, is now disbursing the crowds. The antigovernment protesters say they will die before they leave, and the gunfire continues. Webster says the regime crowd (Mubarak supporters) have been very angry toward journalists.

Update 2-2-11  2:oo pm CDT: Shep Smith at Fox News says there are reports of lynchings, the streets are violent. The crowds are armed with guns, molotove cocktails, machetes, iron bars and rocks.

A Fox correspondent this minute says there are reports that Mubarak supporters have been paid to take to the street.

Dominic Di-Natale on with Shep now, saying it does not look good for anti-government protesters.

Update 1:33pm CDT: Megyn Fox has correspondent Ashley Webster on the phone. He says the TV order to leave the square area did happen, evacuations DID NOT happen. There was a live shot of a molotov cocktail being thrown into the crowed from a building top. Over 600 611 have been injured in today’s streets clashes.