Egypt: People on the Streets Say the Fight is Against Israel and US!

Barry Rubin at Rubin Reports has some interesting – and differing – observations

Barry Rubin

from the news we have seen in the past week, about the Egyptian uprisings. Rubin’s dateline is yesterday (February 1, 2011). Today, on February 2nd we hear the clashes have taken a violent turn with Mubarak supporters against the original protesters. The Cairo Museum is said be on fire. Here are some of Rubin’s news and views you may not have heard:


Let me be clear: Removing Mubarak is NOT the problem….

The question is whether the regime–the current system–will survive. As of this moment (for reasons you can read four paragraphs down) I believe that the regime that has ruled Egypt for 59 years is finished. Is that a good thing? Well, it depends on what happens.

Rubin believes the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t want into power at this time, and says it is the Egyptian military that will be the decider. From a friend on the streets of Cairo:

But nobody should neglect the reality of public opinion. Here’s a report direct from the massive demonstration in Cairo today by a friend interviewing people there:

Demonstrators in Tahrir Square are increasingly saying this is not a fight against Mubarak. This is a fight against Israel and the United States whose interests he’s implementing…

We now have for the first time a glimpse of what the Egyptian establishment is planning, from a source very close to the vice-president Omar Suleiman, who is  the closest thing to someone running the country. His plan is to dissolve parliament; write a new constitution; call new parliamentary elections; and later hold presidential elections.

So the question is, is Suleiman a good thing or a bad thing? Read Rubin’s entire report here.

In June 2010 Rubin’s article Obama Understands Neither the Middle East nor Islamism is pertinent today.

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