Egypt: Cairo Museum On Fire – Molotov Cocktails Thrown Over the Wall

Updated 10:55am CDT: Fox News has just reported that the Cairo Museum is on Fire. No information at this time about where the fire is or the size of the fire. Primarily all of the treasures of King Tut are in this museum on the second floor.

Today the Egyptian uprising takes a turn and the supporters of Hosni Mubarak are in the streets

The Cairo Museum

and there is violence. Fox News has just reported that molotov cocktails have been thrown over the wall of the Cairo Museum, which I assume means THE Egyptian Museum, the home to some of the world’s most important artifacts. Today we have the Mubarak supporters in the mix – something we have not yet seen. Ongoing updates as details are available

Reports are that the Military has turned the Internet back on, and they are telling protesters to go home.

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Megyn Fox just had breaking news that Egyptian television (state television) has told protesters to get out Tahrir Square (Liberty Square) immediately. More as information is available.

Update 1:33pm CDT: Megyn Fox has correspondent Ashley Webster on the phone. He says the TV order to leave the square area did happen, evacuations DID NOT happen. There was a live shot of a molotov cocktail being thrown into the crowed from a building top. Over 600 have been injured in today’s streets clashes.