Donna Manning Christchurch Canterbury TV Building: Manning Home Burgled

Police in Christchurch, New Zealand say the collapse of the Canterbury Television Building (CTV) is unsurvivable. There is no hope for anyone left trapped inside the building, and rescue efforts have been called off. Donna Manning’s two children and her husband have held vigil outside the ruins of the demolished Canterbury Television Building where their mother and wife was a television producer. The night of the Christchurch quake the family’s home was burgled, taking Donna Manning’s jewelry and other items. The death toll today stands at 113, but at least another 100 are suspected to be dead inside the Canterbury building.

Donna Manning

Kent and Libby Manning with their Father, Jonathan

Mrs. Manning’s children, Lizzy 18 and Kent 15, have waited with their father Jonathan Manning, hoping that their mother would somehow survive the smoking mountain of twisted steel that was a four-story building. Mrs. Manning is one of an estimated 100 people lost in the collapse.

Canterbury TV Building - Christchurch, NZ

From c21media:

The headquarters of the local broadcaster collapsed when the quake hit, trapping between 60 and 120 people. Local police today confirmed there were no survivors, according to Radio New Zealand News.

Among the dead are thought to be CTV’s MD Murray Wood, who owns the broadcaster along with local publisher Allied Press; programming scheduler Matty Beaumont; and presenter/producer Donna Manning.

The building housed a private language school and a nursing school, as well as CTV’s office and studios. Japanese and Filippino foreign nationals are likely among the victims.

If the Manning home was burglarized, there will be others facing the same devastation. Residents are outraged at what is happening in their beautiful city of Christchurch.Sending blessing to the Manning family and all those who have suffered such sorrow.  See other ongoing updates of the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake of February 2011 here.