David Lemon: I Wanna Be Like You Daddy

If you have been reading here for awhile you probably know that my online friend, David Lemon, is a master sculptor, a fabulous videographer, and turns clay into incredible bronze pieces. David is political, he reads and reads, and lucky me, he sends me great tips, which I pass on to you. Recently Lemon left a comment on one of my posts. My heart gave a little lurch when I read it. His family history in the U.S. goes back to the 1600’s. I want to share his comment, with his permission, and then I have the latest video of  him at work sculpting a precious piece, “I Wanna Be Like You Daddy.” I have the video below, and you’ll see the lifesized cowboy he sculpted in bronze. I hope you will visit his website and go through the galleries of his work: David Lemon From Clay to Bronze and David Lemon Online Bronze Gallery. Here’s his comment from a few weeks ago:

David Lemon at Work

I woke up this morning with the realization, that I’m Old.. on Medicare now.. and waiting for my first social security check. When that north wind blows, and the windows rattle, I’m comfortable in the one room I can afford to heat. I live alone. Been living alone for over 20 years. Just been too dang busy trying to carve out a living, to do much socializing.

Life would be great if I could revisit my youth. Regain the good health I had back then. Seeing life in the rear view mirror, I’d of done things in my life, not much different than I do now. Sure it’s lonely at night and when things are tough, but I tell you this now, I’d rather die alone in bad health, with gums where teeth used to be, than saddle my children, my grand children, or theirs with the foot of a government forever on their necks.

My ancestors came to this country in the 1600s. They hacked out a life from nothing, but what God and their faith, gave them. They fought the British to gain freedom from an oppressive boot on THEIR necks. They fled mobs in the dead of winter, because they practiced their religion and built a great city in Illinois, where their neighbors hated them for their beliefs and their successes. They were whipped, tared and feathered for their beliefs, AND THEIR SUCCESSES.

They died in the cold mud of Iowa to find a new home where they could survive and practice their religion in freedom out west. They built a life in a desert where the only body of water was a lake was so full of salt you could sit in the water without sinking. They made that desert bloom like a rose. Not from a government hand out or a mandate, they did it with faith, hope, and hard work.

I find myself today, not sure if I’ll be able to make it another month on the little I have left. I find, at the age of 65, myself facing disaster. I tell you this, I’d rather face that than see my country ruled by the few. I should probably not write when I’m not quit awake yet. But this country is now waking with the same realization that I do. We are about to lose that which so many died and sacrificed for. Freedom.

This isn’t a vacant dream. It’s not an experiment. It’s our lives we are about to lose to people who want to be… our mother, our father, our Kings. We’re being ruled by people who don’t even know what the three branches of the Government are. A people who mock success. Who mock our history. Who want to forget those who died for lack of food, in the dead of winter in a tiny village in Plymouth. They forget why they came to this country. Why they faced the unknown dangers and real threats to their lives to gain freedom.

They want us to forget our past. Forget the inspired words of our founders. They want us to live in a new world of….. well I’ll let you finish that sentence… I’m tired. I’m rubbing the sleep from my eyes and starting a new day of adventure. Because that’s all I can do. I still have my memories and my voice. I still can vote. That’s my freedom. That’s my way of revolt. I can try, in unity with others, to vote out the bastards that want to spit on our past and on our history.

I have faith in this country, and it’s reinforced with the words from a Federal Judge, who reminds us all of our roots. Well all I’m left with now and today, are my prayers, my spirit, and my faith in this country to right a terrible injustice.

Personally I am tired, but I’ll keep moving on, and right now, I’m going to go take a shower, brush what teeth I have left and create something of beauty, from the clay in my studio. Like my ancestors before me. I’ll create something that never was before, till I dreamed it through my hands and into the clay I shape.

God bless you all. God bless this country. Confusion to our enemies.

What a treasure to know about your family in what would become America in the 1600’s. I recently learned that sixteen-year-old George Washington, later to be our Nation’s first president, “lodged” with one of my ancestors in the Shenandoah Valley, and wrote about it in his diary which is kept in our Library of Congress. Years later, writing again, Washington used that ancestor as a glowing example of how to handle money and avoid debt. We have such a rich and exemplary history, and today many of us are feeling just like Lemon – we are awake, and we are willing to do anything to pull this country from the clutches of marxism, communism and tyranny.

David Lemon

David lives in Ennis, Montana, and often treats his readers to some breathtaking video of the countryside as he travels to and from foundries and studios. When you visit some of the finest western galleries across our country, you will likely find a piece by David Lemon. See a list of current galleries with his work on his website, and look for my favorite piece, Spirit Wings. Disclaimer: I do not sell David Lemon’s work. I receive no payment for my admiration. There are no commissions due to this blogger, ever.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQeAUsGR3sw’]
David Lemon: “I Wanna Be Like You Daddy (video)

  • Wow you Honor me.. thank you Maggie.. and no Maggie doesn’t work for me. She is an angle.. re-reading my own words now a while later, I was very moved to say those words. I guess it was the memory of going to Plymouth Rock for Thanksgiving Dinners at a restaurant there. After getting our fill, we would go to the old church there and look for our ancestor’s graves. I’ll never forget that.
    Thanks again Maggie.

    • We are so happy to see an article about our friend through the arts, and we are so glad to call him our brother as well. Dave is certainly the shining example of what we aspire to be. Thank you so much Maggie for doing this piece on Dave. Live long and proper Dave.

      • For those of you who don’t know Irving. He’s an amazing Navajo artist I’m proud to be a brother to. He has an amazing family, that I miss so much. Look up his work on the internet. He’s illustrated many books, as well as created many wonderfull paintings that reflect the life of the Navajo. He even painted a painting with one of my bronzes as the model.. lol Love you Irving, thanks my brother.

  • Maggie, all I should say is wow! But I can’t just stop there. You say David Lemon left a comment? Well, I’d say his comment was an inspiring masterpiece of truth and wisdom from his heart. I want to know more about this great American.

    I’m going back to visit Montana again. Do you know if he allows visitors to his studio? I would love to meet him. What a privilege that would be.

    Wow Maggie … this is perhaps your best post … at least for me. Thanks.

    • You can contact me on my blog site.. and let me know when your in Montana. If you make it to Ennis.. and I still have my studio..you’d be welcome to visit. If I don’t have the studio, then we can do lunch… lol


  • Wonderful Maggie. Such simple beauty in a lump of clay. And the background music complements the work.

  • David … thank you. I pray we meet someday soon since I’m about your age. The studio and lunch would be wonderful. I love how you closed your comment to Maggie. “God bless this country. Confusion to our enemies.” Perfect.

  • Good judgment, Maggie, in reprinting the words of a good and wise American. I enjoyed reading it! We need to recapture that spirit