CIA Raymond Davis: CIA Signs Raymond Davis’ Death Warrant in Pakistan?

Can there be any good excuse for the CIA releasing the name of one of their own in Pakistan? Raymond Davis is as good as dead. The official story is Davis was working for the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, when two armed men tried to rob him. The two armed men were denied their pleasure when Davis shot and killed them both. Today we hear the CIA is saying Raymond Davis worked for them, apparently inside the U.S. Embassy for cover.

Raymond Davis

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. officials had asked several U.S. news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, not to publish information about Mr. Davis’s work with the CIA because of fears over his safety in jail. U.S. officials agreed to release details about the case on Monday after senior ISI officials were quoted over the weekend describing Mr. Davis’s ties to the CIA.

The ISI is the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence Agency. An ISI spokesman said they did not know Davis was CIA, and now they’re wondering how many more Raymond Davis’ are in their country. They believe these two so-called murders may have damaged relations with the U.S. beyond repair. So they didn’t know, but when they did know, the CIA decided to spill their guts. It doesn’t make sense. Who admitted this to the Pakistan ISI?

The Washington Post story linked below says “other news organizations” I.D.’d Davis as a CIA employee, but the media names of those responsible for putting Davis’ life at even higher levels of jeopardy, are not named.

Here’s more on Davis from the WSJ story:

He was on a contract with the CIA as a protective officer, responsible for providing security to American personnel, including intelligence officers who help orchestrate covert operations against al Qaeda militants and their allies, U.S. officials said.

The CIA carries out drone strikes in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan that are deeply unpopular in Pakistan, and U.S. officials fear the release of information about Mr. Davis’s ties to the CIA could endanger his life in detention. As a security officer, U.S. officials said, Mr. Davis was not directly involved in the CIA’s spy or drone operations. “Rumors to the contrary are simply wrong,” a U.S. official said.

The Washington Post is more plainly spoken:

The American who fatally shot two men in Pakistan last month and who has been described publicly as a diplomat is a security contractor for the CIA who was part of a secret agency team operating out of a safe house in Lahore, U.S. officials said….

At the time of his arrest, Davis was based at a house with five other CIA contractors as well as an agency employee, a U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Davis is in a Lahore jail with 4,000 inmates. He has been separated from other inmates, said be mostly militants. The guards who guard him have been unarmed. Officials fear they will kill Davis. Dogs are used to sniff his food, fearing a poisoning.

Davis is reportedly married and lives with his wife, Rebecca Davis, in Colorado in Douglas County, near Denver. Records from a 2009 passport show Davis as a co-owner of Hyperion Protectives Services (Mrs. Davis may be the co-ower). Davis formerly worked for Blackwater.

Fox’s Cathrine Herridge just said Davis is covered by the Vienna Conventions, probably meaning the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The U.S. has a devastatingly serious problem keeping intelligence secret. A low-ranking Army soldier, Bardley Manning, was responsible for WikiLeaks, even after being reprimanded for a similar incident with only 6 months in the Army, as he was training his to qualify as an intelligence analyst. It is not even imaginable that someone of his position would have access to the files WikiLeaks has released to the world.

The CIA can’t keep our secrets long enough to protect a man’s life in one of the most dangerous areas of the world? There has to be more to this story. There is more at Memorandum – and thanks to them for the link. Look for the heading: American Held in Pakistan Shootings Worked with CIA.

Big Dog linked (thank you!) and reminds of what happened when Valerie Plame was “outed.”

  • Something about this story stinks, all right. Somebody hung this guy out to dry for some reason.

  • This does stink. Probably, the ISI knew who he was and what he was, but his killing those two perps blew the lid off. Now, there’s no way the Pakistan government will recognize his diplomatic immunity for fear of violence.

    It’s also possible they are using this to play to their street, showing that Americans can’t push them around.

  • Disgusting! Linking over at TGRM.

  • There is NO excuse for this… Maggie and I are on the same page, her comment on my blog was DEAD ON, NO pun intended…

  • Silver, Bob, Ran and Fred, when I wrote my first article on Davis, about the US threatening the Pakistani Ambassador to the US with loss of military aid, I had several comments telling me that the US must release the mad Paki scientist Aafia Siddiqui. She’s serving life in the US. I wonder if Obama might let her go, and if this is a bargaining chip?

    Just a thought.

  • tinydancer

    I wonder, just wonder, if this is somehow someone’s revenge for the ‘outing’ of Valerie Plain?
    Just wondering.