Chris Christie Forms PAC: Shutting Down Gov’t, Sleeping on Cots, Mentions Scott Walker Video

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s spokesman, Bill Palatucci – often referred to as Christie’s “political godfather,” says Christie is considering forming a federal political action committee, because the Governor is

Chris Christie

so popular Palatucci says…he wouldn’t want to “leave money on the table.”  Palatucci says this is not about running for the presidency, but about Christie’s power to fundraise and contribute to other candidates, through a PAC.  Palatucci makes it clear the PAC will not be an exploratory committee. The video below is Christie speaking in Washington D.C. about the issues facing our country , about the meaning of leadership, about closing down government, sleeping on cots – and he mentions Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Governor Chris Christie on the Issues Facing America (video)

Thanks to David Lemon, a master sculptor and if you haven’t visited his website, you must – and you will be glad you did. Seldom (maybe never) will you have the opportunity to watch a man or woman with David’s talent at work.

  • I hope Mr. Christie does not only start a PAC, but I hope he runs.